Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage

“Marriages are made in Heaven”. Well said, but once made, the couple has to live through it on this earth and to the end of their lives complimenting, supplementing and sharing their joys and sorrows of life at every step.

The mutual understanding between a man and a woman contributes to the success of a joyous living. This is applicable is both cases of marriage, either love or arranged. Of course, there are plus and minus points in either case when we do try to filter the events minutely.

Love marriage is popular in all section to the extent that even caste, creed and financial barriers are surpassed by the lovers. What is popular may not be good and what is good may not be popular. There are many powerful forces that keep the marriage binding or help to tear it apart. With cool thinking and proper planning, marriage can be stabilized as a more meaning approach of life. At times, what starts as a love marriage, ends up in an arranged marriage. It is physical and mental and emotional set up that helps to arrange a successful husband and wife, or rather I would say a marriage.

Love marriage is popular, arranged marriage is successful and so much more long lasting as it takes place between individuals of similar status, level of educations, similar upbringing, having moral value systems, sharing a common wave length that is mutually threading a strong foundation for healthy married life followed by a family.

In an arranged marriage, the couple has the full and whole hearted support of both the families involved. This uniting force is a great help to the new couple established physically, mentally, morally and socially. Not only that even financial serenity is shared or attained. In case of any financial problem, they can look upon to their elders. The obstacles and eves of success are shared by both the generations.

On the other hand in case of love marriage, which being so popular, may be or may not be stable, as the moral support of the elders is not involved for the marriage ignored the value based on emotional background. The young couple enjoys the independence, but life without responsibilities shared is not worth in long run. The lack of sense of belonging creates many crevices between relations giving rise to selfish attitudes. Due to this, the offspring suffer. The initial electric current that passed through them to bring them together, later on leaves them in a state of shock. With the original spark hone, they park themselves on the way side of life.

In many a cases what starts off as love, ripens and is fruitified in the form of arranged marriage. In such case, loves takes the form of more meaningful mode which is mature and ripe. Dowry, which is considered as a highway robbery, breeds and flourishes mostly in arranged marriage. It is understood by some that marriage is a business, where transactions occur according to financial and social status of the families involved. Whereas it should be the other way, the union of two souls ties in nuptial knot should only help to bind two families, to form a large family on healthy grounds. Love is the only media that may help rule a heart and love lost loose a loving heart.

Ending the issue of arranged and love marriage, it is a known fact that they are really made in heaven. It is only on earth that we need to pave a path that leads to heaven.


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