Disney's Unacceptable Behavior

I have written two poems about Disney's unacceptable behavior towards certain fans and now I'm writing this article. Disney's behavior is not only unacceptable. It's also unprofessional. For many years, Disney was one of the most beloved movie corporations in existence. But as far as I'm concerned, that has changed. Just because certain fans disliked The Last Jedi, they call us racist and sexist. That is crossing the line.

Let me give you an example of Disney's bad behavior. Let's pretend for a moment that I own a prestigious furniture corporation. Let's pretend that my company is manufacturing a new chair, and twenty percent of those chairs turn out to be defective. When twenty percent of the consumers sit in the chairs, the chairs break. Those customers would write, call or email my corporation and complain. But if instead of apologizing to my customers, what if I called them nasty names? Word of mouth is pretty powerful. If my corporation behaved in such a manner, how long do you think I'd stay in business? Not very long.

Disney made a movie that certain people disliked. When fans complained, Disney didn't respond like the professionals they're supposed to be. They behaved like children. Spoiled children who don't get their own way. I'm not asking to be apologized to because of The Last Jedi, but it would be a nice gesture if Disney would apologize for their insults. I could call Disney nasty names but I won't stoop to their level.

I have made a firm decision. I have decided to boycott Disney. I will not watch any of their future movies. Disney has behaved like spoiled rotten children and they don't deserve my patronage. They have made their bed, now they can lie in it.


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