Fidgty Teen

Sun rises in the east and sets in the west- an universal truth.

Sudhir, born in a middle class family still walks down the memory lane. Carefree childhood sans any responsibilty seems dream now. School life, which once a bete noire still honks with heavenly rupture. As he grew up the curtains of life drama kept on changing. The scene of the past is lost for ever and Sudhir approaches climax of life. Education, higher education crippled his teens. So much dream to persue but all seems elusive.

Rini, a next door girl occupied her but orthodox society with no social media to connect surreptitiously remained cryptic and obscure. Restless Sudhir at times retires into a hebetudinous state. Limbs flailing. Life seems to have come to an edge of deep gorge. Every step in his walk of life seems to be on razor's edge. There is a lurking danger of joblessness amidst deep economic paralysis in the country. Little thoughts about Rini brings him a dash of frest air. Sometimes thought crops up in mind to pusillanimously ask the parents about the state of mind and a friendship with Rini. However, Sudhir was very much sure that parents' pejorative he could not counter.

Sudhir was never imperious, rather he had always been gargantuanly subservient son of their parents. Fidgty teens passed by with the passage of time. Frog has come out of well amidst progressive students of university. Bit of independence has embraced him albeit with a trace of scepticism. Retracting the mind, soul and body to Rini again erupted like a long dormant volcano inside the heart. Will she remember him? He became hesitant as he had no achievement till date to showcase her. Perhaps a decent job may give him a courage.

Sudhir was strolling in the market during his summer holidays. All on a sudden he came across Rini. With utmost courage he gwaked at her. The etheral beauty left him awestuck. Alas!! she is no longer a girl. She is woman now. They exchanged smile. Sudhir felt a big jolt at his heart and all his dream shattered in seconds. Sudhir returned with heavy heart but managed to hold his nerve and vowed to turn this last page of this chapter of life at once and open a new one where he will only have the liberty write.


More by :  Abhijit Sur

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