Lessons from Sundara Kaanda


Sundara Kaanda is a part of Srimad Ramayana of Valmiki Maharshi. This was authored during Treta Yuga, a few lakhs of years ago. The principles enlisted, emphasised and popularised through different characters of Srimad Ramayana are applicable to all human life irrespective of time, space, location circumstances, culture, creed, or any other varying parameter(s).

It is stated that Lord Brahma blessed Valmiki Maharshi that his great work of Srimad Ramayana would remain popular as long the world exists.

Over ages, man’s requirements, greed, love for adharma, Raga, Dwesha, Mada, Maatsarya, etc., have not changed.

Even today the world is full of such weaknesses, irrespective of the civilization they claim to have. Problems continue to exist and are growing speedily. Cultural values are diminishing day by day. The whole world is moving towards sensual pleasures and greed for accumulating unaccounted wealth to meet such needs. In this process, adharma prevails in each step. Consequently, tensions are growing day by day and people are becoming too materialistic and self-centered. Thus people don’t have peace of mind in spite of their wealth and political power. They don’t have self control. They look hither and thither for internal peace. The solution to such problems is provided amply through various characters of Srimad Ramayana. Thus the principles of Srimad Ramayana are needed for every peace seeker.

  • Most often the approach to study Srimad Ramayana is to treat it as a sacred monument appreciating the heroic deeds of Sri Rama and some of the other characters in fighting out adharma and taking his Avatara’s deeds as Devine accomplishments which are beyond the capabilities of a human being.
  • Such an approach develops devotion, and spiritual upliftment in an individual. Under those conditions he develops a detached attachment towards mundane things and day to day problems. Thus he develops peace of mind and would set up an exemplary living attitude.

The greatness of Srimad Ramayana is seen in many angles by different devotees. Many see it as a Mantra Sastra and each sloka as a Mantra. Such Mantras have proven to be a solution to many in difficulties to get over them, by simply taking them with devotion as panacea. Some slokas are enlisted along with the purpose for which they are meant. Thus, Srimad Ramayana is a great Itihasa and is known as Adi Kavya. Valmiki Maharshi narrated the life of Lord SriRama in an unparalleled manner, making the reader get immersed in it.

While this approach is criticised by the logical minds who can’t see subtleties but are lost only in the grossities can never reach even the basics of Srimad Ramayana.

To understand and appreciate any science, deep thinking is essential. If that is missing no one can never acquire subtle knowledge. Only devoted Scientists would reach the heights of higher knowledge realms. Let’s set aside the anti thinkers.

The purpose of this series of articles is to highlight the human values practiced and demonstrated by the different roles of characters in Srimad Ramayana under testing conditions in live situations. It will be a revelation to any one to learn from them how not to lose one’s cool under all such circumstances.

Those circumstances are of common occurrence even today. Thus every citizen of current times should learn those principles and methods to lead a happy life.

Our modern educational system is oriented more towards earning money, getting new comforts for sensual pleasures.

The conventional education emphasizes on human values and their importance for a contented living which gives happiness not only in this life but future lives that each individual would go through.

Though no one had stopped any one from studying and applying the valuable principles of our Sanatana Dharma, we are all lost in our greed for sensual pleasures as were indoctrinated by the parents and teachers from the very childhood. It is time taking for people to look into our Sanatana Dharma.

The approach being attempted is to highlight the situations of common interest and make the children appreciate the values at an early age through simple anecdotes taken from Srimad Ramayana.

Presently, we shall start with Sundara Kaanda, an interesting part of Srimad Ramayana which would attract the attention of children of different ages.

The author prays for successful implementation of these ideas, repeating the prayer made by Lord Anjaneya in Sundara Kaanda:

namostu ramaya, salakshmanaya
devyai ca tasyai janaakatmjayai,
namostu rudrendra yamanilebhyo,
namostu candrarka marudganebhyaha.

This is demonstrated by Lord Anjaneya as to have helped him succeed in his great attempt in searching for Sita Devi. He proved that it is only through prayer one can achieve success in addition to his valor, might and power. All these require a proper approach and direction for success. He proved that this prayer got him the success.

Since then, many are benefited by this prayer whenever they were in a perplexed state in decision-making.

Prayer is the panacea for all problems.


More by :  Dr. Venkata Koteswara Rao Nandanavanam

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