Not so Heavenly, yet Watchable

The nine episodes of ‘Made in Heaven’ (Prime Video) by popular gang of Zoya Akhtar, Reema Gagti and Alankrita Shrivatsava is definitely belong to a different genre of web serial in the changing Indian milieu.

All over the world and more specifically in India ‘Marriages’ are considered to be very ‘Holy’ and ‘Sanctimonious’. Even in English the famous epigram goes as ‘Marriages are Made in Heaven’. But, in reality is that so? Might have been as usual in ‘Good Old Days;’ but, what about today?

With the western culture permeating all through the activities of our lives and uneducated to highly educated people migrating to other countries for wealth, fame and name; in that order, how much the sanctity of ‘arranged’ or ‘love’ marriages endure or stand the test of time? Do the posh and outlandish big fat Indian marriages are real?

It was and it is the society that gives endorsement to any act in the name of marriage as for as India is concerned. The non-existing cultural, the dubious religious and compelling societal values bolster the importance of marriages and still the bluff is maintained in many cases as ‘Made in Heaven’.

The female trio, it looks, decided to showcase the scandalous reality beneath the several layers of culture, religion, position and sanctity; finally what remains there are raw sex, stinking wealth and unleash of power. India especially is known for its deliberations on these three strong forces.

‘Made in Heaven’ I am sure, is bound to shock the previous generation as it unabashedly expose the vagaries of these powerful forces among especially the rich and so called cultured (and even the poor) with strong dosages of sexual acts which (un) fortunately include gay coitus also. OMG! This is bound to be too much for the prudish Indian audience.

All the episodes of ‘Made in Heaven’ are based mainly on these factors and in some places to give shocking effects. Nevertheless, all these are packed in extravagant, aesthetic, luxurious, and classy sartorial backups to a few down to earth poor class ambiances also.

In my opinion the Season 1 episodes must be shockers to many; I exactly cannot predict the mindset of the present North Indian elite population to whom this serial has been aimed at.

True. I belong to the old gen and as I am stunned and impressed with the opulence, I am also shocked to some extent on the visuals; but well, I have been mentally moving along with the changing times and values of the world and never got warped on the time frame.

I cannot but agree the three major forces mentioned above can make and unmake life and have created histories all over the world and in India too.

So if you don’t mind sex slipping into a sort of sleaze and greed turning into gore, lust forming the major part of love, power and arrogance being the passion of the rich ‘Made in Heaven’ reiterates to you that nothing is as formidable as money.


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