Boy Child vs Girl Child

The birth of a boy child is often considered as a blessing especially in Indian society. It's a social taboo that a boy brings fate and honor to the family and serve his parents in their old age. But is it really so? Does a boy decides whether his parents will be served properly at their old age or it's their deeds or actions that will work in their coming times.
A girl child is generally not welcomed in the family as she is considered as a burden on her parents. But it's a thoghtful situation whether she will be a burden or a cause of honor. If she is really a curse then why goddesses are being worshiped in Indian culture. Why girl children are being searched for to be fed at the time of Navratri festivities.

A new thought generally flashes out regarding girl child that they are not taken as safe and secured at present times. Is it really a true situation to be taken into account. We, the parents are here to provide them a safe guard and let them learn about their future security. Regardless of physical built, girls have enough strength in their minds, hearts and emotions.

It is the demand of present times that girls should be given with proper guidance and emotional safe guards so that they can fly freely and serve the desired purpose.


More by :  Neetu Khatri Kajal

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