One Million Rohingya

should become Commonwealth Citizens

I am specialized for more than 30 years in the history of Indian and Asian Buddhism and I have published some of my results in German, English and Chinese. What are the ideas of Asian Buddhist monks? This had been one of my central questions. I have published in India, Nepal, China, Taiwan and other countries. I have heard many voices from Myanmar and seen several films and videos about the ruling Buddhist elites. I have followed numerous eyewitness accounts of crimes against the Rohingya and the opinions of leading monks in Myanmar since 2015. Hundreds of newspaper articles and documents.

Again and again I asked myself the question: The Rohingya in Myanmar, do they have friends? Does not a single Buddhist monastery understand the young Rohingya girls when they are raped by Myanmar soldiers? Have the Theravada Buddhists no pity when Rohingya are treated like cattle? Is there no Buddhist minority sympathizing with the Rohingya? I have been asking myself these questions since 2015 every day and night.

After checking all the information available to me, I have the following answer: No, no, no. The Rohingya have no friends in Myanmar. They encounter a front of military enemies. The military enemies are called upon by leading Buddhist monks like Sitagu Sayadev, the first manager of Buddhist monks and of the troops in Myanmar, in countless
encounters and teachings to continue killing and expulsions. Perhaps there is a small minority among the many ethnic groups of Myanmar who sympathize with the Rohingya. That is by no means impossible. But the vast majority of Myanmar's elite, the military and Buddhists monks will strictly reject a return of the Rohingya in the next 10 years.


1. No return to Myanmar. Not in the next 10 years.
2. Expansion of houses, hospitals, schools and jobs in the refugee camps.
3. The creation of a refugee council representing the social interests of refugees internationally.
4. Formation of a refugee police force.
5. The refugees should be under the direction of United Nations only.
6. Passport. Every state that wants to help the Rohingya should give them a passport. 1 Million of Rohingya should become Commonwealth citizens.

[One historic example is the Nansen certificate (1922) for Russians and Armenians. This was a passport they have got from the League of Nations (1920). The League of Nations had been between World War I and World War II that what the UN is today. The modern Travel Passport for Refugees gives no protection for Rohingya humans in Myanmar or in Bangladesh. In 1940 Millions of Jewish from Eastern Europe had no citizenship at all. ‘No citizenship’ had been an important step to the Holocaust.]


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