Vicky Kaushal; A Dark Horse

The raise of a recent young actor in Hindi was, indeed, surprising to me.

This phenomenon is not new to filmdom. The sudden win of a Dark Horse or the fall of a popular artiste is no new incident. We have been given surprises and shocks by the popularity of some whose looks to talents have been highly questionable. Nevertheless, the justifications come in plenty with the newly acquired stardom and confidence of the chosen few.

My recent surprise is Vicky Kaushal, the Hindi actor.

He is someone who has nothing special which makes one stop and see. In fact, there are several more handsome guys act in never ending stupid Hindi serials.

In Vicky’s case I could contribute it only to the roles he had got, the media’s immediate reactions and, well above all, this guy’s confidence catapulted him to noted stardom. I have seen him in ‘Masan’ and honestly it was unimpressive. His role in ‘Raazi’ is highly dignified and silent most of the time, Vicky didn’t have to strain much but at the same time he didn’t do anything wrong to spoil. ‘Manmarziyan’, the critics delight movie showed him in the most despicable character; a sex maniac, useless, opportunist, with a appalling hair style and matching dresses and tattoos. He fit into that which was just opposite to his role in ‘Raazi’. As a close pal of crazy Sanjay Dutt his part was positively stupid and irritating. Later, I watched him in two web films ‘Love per Squarefeet’ and ‘Lust Stories’. The first one as a youngster with a hand to mouth income belonged to a lower middle class family he did his part well though the makers made the end somewhat bizarre. ‘Lust Stories’ had depicted him as one with lack of libido. ‘Uri’ had given him the much needed heroic role and got appreciation and the movie also turned out to be a hit.

I happened to watch him in a few TV shows like ‘Koffee with Karan’, and stupidly boisterous ‘Feet up with the Stars’ and Filmfare Award show (partially) with SRK. He was both confident and bonhomie in these programs. One can say that he had lived upto the expectations. And in an interview amidst college students he was quite frank and communicative without any starry airs.

Oh well, the media and the movie goers have liked him and his roles which are positively divergent. Nowadys I see his face in many fashion as well as men magazines and in some ads also. Looks  he gets enough publicity and fan following. Will that be sustained? Again only the roles he is going to play will decide on that.


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