Anatomy of Affairs

The biology and biological needs of man and woman are slightly but significantly different. Women long for and aspire for psychological satisfaction, mostly. Men need both psychological and physical satisfaction. Women can say they are not much interested in physical union in relationships of this kind but feel fish out of water once that psychological satisfaction is removed. Women must respect this, the nature's fixation. If woman continues saying to man - you only need physical union but I don't - is insulting man.

Man has a different evolution from woman and reproduction roles and role before union. Man is aggressive and woman must be of encouraging type. Initiation is from man because of natural tendency. But if man is criticized for his "need" which equally is woman's need, man gets disappointed. And will lose his interest. Both men and women have self control. Then invokes his self control and moves away preferring not to be looked down for his physical craving. For a woman, in cases like this, psychological satisfaction is enough. So she takes moral posture.

As  I told above, she will be fish out of water for her missing psychological satisfaction. She then understands. But by that time her man is completely disappointed and loses interest in his woman. So man should not be pointed out for his physical craving. For man the satisfaction is not complete without physical union. These are the psychological and biological truths.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Thanks for a realistic assessment of man-woman relationship in a marriage. This is biologically and sociologically honest and precise. Presently feminism is attempting to go against this reality.

P. Rao
21-Jul-2019 08:30 AM

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