Destinations: Baden (2004)

I had a faint recollection that there was a small town by the name of Baden near Vienna. There was another one which was known as Baden Baden which was a health resort and situated in Germany. This is now known as Baden-Wurttemberg. Both are spa towns known for their health-giving properties. Spa, in fact, is a place for baths in waters that have curative properties. Baden also means baths. So both the Badens – Baden near Vienna and Baden Wurrtemberg – are resort towns known for the healthy waters they have.

But then Baden near Vienna is also a tourist town for its walks, monuments, buildings and quietude. It also is known for being the town that is associated with the name of a great musician like Bethoven. He spent two summers here and composed some symphonies. Some rooms in the house are open for visitors.

The place is accessible by train as well as by tram. We chose the latter though it takes a little more time. We had never travelled by an inter-city tram and this was as good an opportunity as any. Tickets had to be booked in advance and since the tram departed from its assigned place at the Vienna Opera House rather early we made sure that we were picked up from our hotel.

It was a good journey of more than an hour and a half through some lovely country with only one stop. The journey ends at Baden near the Trinity Column plague memorial surrounded by narrow streets with their buildings of a particular architectural style of the 19th Century that lead on to it. The streets are worth walking on as they exude history. 

I remember to have visited the house of Bethoven some rooms of which are open for visitors. I cannot recall anything that struck me as outstanding. It was like any wealthy gentleman’s house with some musical instruments thrown in. It did have some written musical notes and a historic piano supposedly used by him. For a 16th Century building it is very well maintained. We also visited the Dolls & Toys Museum which has exhibits spanning more than two centuries. The old city hall hosts an exhibition of the history of the town from prehistoric times with special emphasis on the period when the city was the summer destination of the Austrian Royals as well as distinguished politicians and artists. Austrian emperors used to visit this tiny little town for its pleasant climate, adjoining Vienna Woods and baths in its warm sulfuric waters.

What was most interesting was the walk we took in the Curpark or the Spa Park. The walk had overhanging trees with many species of plants. It has a Bethoven Temple, a band stand where music is played every evening during the summer and several other monuments. The walk in the Park gently rises to end up in the area known as Vienna Woods known for its hiking trails.

After an enjoyable outing, including a good lunch at a restaurant thrown, in we took the tram back for Vienna.


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Comment Regarding: Baden Baden now known as Baden-Wurttemberg.

To clarify: Baden-Wuerttemberg is a federal state of the federal republic of Germany.

Baden-Baden was and is Baden-Baden, a city in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Baden literally means ‚to bath‘.

A long and complex history in short: In the 19th century Baden was the name of a dukedom, Wuerttemberg was a small kingdom. They where united in the 20th century to Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Greetings from Germany!

04-Aug-2019 03:45 AM

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