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Udit Kapoor's Stress to Happiness

Stress and anxiety dominate in everyone's life whether one is a busy homemaker or a high flying executive or someone engaged in routine activities especially in today's fast moving world. What the stress is in very well defined by Udit Kapoor in his latest book #StresstoHappiness in which he's unfolded various techniques of meditation and stress-relief. The author has shared his own experience of relieving stress and living a stress free and happy life.

Simple and effective techniques of meditation are elucidated by the author very beautifully which might be helpful to everyone in today's world of stress.

Author has given step-by-step guide of performing meditation and relaxing body and mind.

Sleeping meditation is worth adopting as many people face insomniac conditions these days.

Ringing Bell and Buddha techniques are simple and worth as no extra or special attention is needed performing such meditation.

Fight and Flight Response is a true guide to handle a particular situation.

Language is simple and precise.

Author's writing style is crisp and easy to endorse.

Title is apt and inspirational.

Cover page is quite befitted to the theme.

The author has beautifully interconnected the whole universe by creating a connection among body, mind and spirit.

Overall, the book is worth reading as it's a handy manual comprised of useful techniques of stress relief which is a big challenge these days. I recommend this book to the readers who feel stressed and want to get rid of it using simple artistry through this quick read.

My rating to the book is 4.5/5



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