Dream Girl: LOL!

If ‘Dream Girl’ (1977) was a costume drama, ‘Dream Girl’ (2019) is a laugh parade.

The suggestion of the movie is that many frustrated Indian males (and one ‘manly’ female also!) want to share some 'sweet nothings' with a total female stranger just through voice, unwittingly leading them to propose for matrimony with that unknown entity.

The protagonist Karam Singh is educated by unemployed. He had the special ability to speak in a woman’s sweet voice from his school days. That gets him a job quite unexpectedly in a sleazy call center and his ‘sweet’ chats as Pooja become a hit within a short time. It makes the owner too happy and gets him even a car and a 24x7 call service with substantial financial benefits. But, ‘Pooja’ brings him problems also in the form of five suitors (shockingly one being his own long widowed dad!).

When a man masquerades as a woman, the interactions are bound to create hilarious situations. Here also, Karam at one point wants to get out of that image but could not.

‘Dream Girl’ is a more male dominated movie with the heroine as just a prop. True, there were continuous waves of laughter passing through the audience but in me except a few sequences other situational comedies created only a chuckle. (I know my sense of humor is a bit below normal levels!).

Ayushmann Kurrana seems to be hitting jackpots one followed by another through his choice for unconventional roles. Kudos to his bravery!

Other supporting artists are full of zeal. ‘Dream Girl’ is a harmless comedy for a time pass though it passes through a bumpy road. But, I am surprised that why nobody mentioned that it is a modified male version of ‘Tumhari Sulu’?'


More by :  G Swaminathan

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