To Someone I Recently Met

This would be a vague article. But, nevertheless, needed to convey my thoughts to that person whom I cannot have a direct communication. Well, it's a mere hope that she may end up reading this article just like she read my earlier article on 'Retail: a boon or a mere business strategy', that was written a few years back and I had lost a track of it; almost forgoten about it, would be more apt to say.

This person I am referring to is a colleague of mine at my new workplace. When we recently went out on a team lunch, while discussing about blogs, she had mentioned that she came across my article which she found interesting, although with some flaws. I was caught by surprise on that, but I liked that she did happen to read about it and comment on it as well, for who does not like being critiqued on their articles, if they are constructive. I revisited my old article that same day and I realized, I had not proof-read it before submitting and it did have some flaws (grammatical errors especially). That was my first ever article I had put out on a public platform, that had got me to write more but never published them. With time, I lost the touch to keep writing on various topics on my personal blogs as well, let alone posting them publicly. That evening after thinking much I asked her, if she wanted to read more articles and what does she usually prefer to read. She mentioned she prefers reading historical and mythological articles, both of which have never been my forte. Hence, I chucked the idea of inviting her to read my blogs (which are generally about life and relationships). This incident had made me more eager to communicate with her, and got me to the realization about what I felt the first day when I met her after joining the new office.

My first day on seeing her, there was a different aura around her which was mesmerizing (to be honest, her charming looks could not be ignored either). She had such a positive vibe, that couldn't be missed for anything and it was so exuberant that I wanted to do was tell her 'Thanks for meeting me'. From where I come, this positivity was a remedial treat to my negative mindset, that had built-up over a period of time. Usually, it has happened in the past that people have crossed paths with me, maybe to heal themselves and disappeared without a trace. That never caught my notice, until I realized that now I somehow was the one who needed healing in many ways, become peaceful and joyful once again. She felt like that healer with whom you do not want to lose touch whatsoever, but the fear of being too dependent on someone to heal you is always too scary. It makes you more vulnerable and less confident. So, I decided to take a back-seat and pulled myself out from trying to be too close to her or communicate about anything but work. Finding reasons just to be around her was the only way to go ahead. Above all, tarnishing your workplace, with personal mess is NEVER recommended. Though, back of my mind I only kept hoping to be around her, to have meaningful conversations and cherish being in her company, for her aura seemed so pure and her personality so charming.

I have had some wonderful friendships in the past, and this seemed like what had been missing so far. Well, it is only a perspective for now, and so risking things around with no proper thinking will only make things worse. When she recently posted a status update on whatsapp 'Risking is better than regretting', was like a silent calling. I only wish now that the acquaintance with this woman, will turn into something so meaningful that could last for long and never lose it, for that would make me what I have always been - cheerful and happy and optimistic about everything. Hope her soul remains as pure and charming as it seems now; for there are few people around, who can make you feel real and alive. It is something I am really looking forward to.


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