Stuart Brothers and the Top Secret Papers

Steve shouted,’ Must I buy a first-class yellow coloured zipper for your mouth?’.’Very funny!’ called back Kevin. He turned off the television and sat sulking in a corner of the room. Steve turned back and continued reading the gray fat book.

Steven and Kevin Stuart were brothers who had an unquenching thirst for mysteries and adventures. They had never solved a mystery before but had polished brains. They called themselves the Stuart brothers. They lived in Letshade in Chicago, USA. Their parents earned money by making barrels, cages and repairing caravans. They had a small broken down caravan which they used for a meeting place. It consisted of a small round table, a telephone, few ropes, and two wooden boxes. Steve was tall, good in shape teenager about 16 years old and was very intelligent. His IQ level was unbelievable. Kevin was tall too, but rather thin. He was younger than Steve and was about 14.

Steve was reading a mystery book in their old broken down caravan. Kevin had a very bad habit of muttering to himself while watching television. Steven said, ‘Can’t I have a moment’s peace? Can’t I have the least freedom of reading a book?’Kevin turned his back to Steve. ’Uh Oh! We are late for dinner,’ Steve put away his book and ran to the house. Kevin burst into peals of laughter looking at the scene. ‘You are an April fool! April fool!’ shouted Kevin, ‘How silly of you to forget today’s 1st April.’ The next day at breakfast their father read out the front page news, ’Well, the front page news seems quite interesting. It’s written:

Top Secret Papers Stolen

On 1st April, a bunch of top secret papers were stolen from government headquarters. It was kept in a orange coloured file. Mr.Michael Jenks, the boss of the office claims that only he and the manager is allowed to touch that file. The papers contained information that if it goes into foreign hands, the country would gain a lot of money. It was last seen in the hands of the manager, Mr. Brandon Geraldo. Mr.Michael also says he lives alone in a small apartment and drinks a lot. He must be the culprit as he buys drinks which are way more expensive than his salary. He is not reliable at all. Anyone who wants to report anything or try to find the real culprit is welcome. Please call at the number 9874202382.

The guy’s a real bad lot!’, told his father. ‘Seems so.’ Replied Kevin. Looking at Steve’s face he thought that something was cooking inside his brain. Steven gobbled up his food and ran as fast as the wind to their meeting place. As Kevin entered, he pulled him inside and and shut the door with a kick. His eyes were gleaming. He hurriedly told,’Hey,what about having a go at solving that newspaper mystery. It’s a perfect opportunity to show America what we are capable of.’ Kevin stared right into his brother’s eyes. He shouted’ Yeah! You are the best brother in the world! You are even better than Michael Jackson!’ Let’s call the guy!’ Steven picked up the receiver, his hands shaking in joy. He dialled the number and a booming voice replied in the other end.

’Hello! May I know who’s callin’? ‘ Um, i-i-s th-th-this M-M-Mr. M-M-M-Michael’ ‘Gosh ! Spit it out!’, the voice interrupted. ‘Is this Mr.Michael Jenks calling?’Steven asked. ‘Oh!Yes it is. May I be at your assistance?’Michael replied. ‘I want to try to find out the culprit of the robbery of the top secret papers. Please, can you come to my house?’ and Steven told him the address. He agreed and the next day a loud knock was heard on the caravan door.

Steve stopped Kevin from opening the door and told him, ‘I want to tell you one thing. Whoever Mr.Michael is, he is very tall and muscular. Prove me wrong.’ Kevin opened the door. A man about six feet tall came in. His had dark, curly hair, wore a indigo coloured suit and had a thin moustache. His skin was tanned and a smiling, wrinkled face. He sat down on a box. Kevin and Steven stood side by side and gave him a small paper where their names were written. ‘Which one of you is Steve?’ asked Jenks. ‘I am Steven and he is my brother Kevin. We may look too young but we still want to try and solve this mystery. Please describe the whole incident’ replied Steve. ‘ Ah! You boys are really interesting. I deny stopping you. On 1st April’s night, before returning home, I handed over the orange file where the papers were stored to the Brandon idiot. He told me that he would keep that file inside the safe very carefully inside the safe.

Next day I went to the office and checked if the papers were there. I was grief-stricken when I saw the papers were missing. I suspected him the very moment. I threatened that idiot Brandon that if he did not return those papers, I will fire him. He told me he was completely innocent and did not touch those papers. He must be the culprit as he has some connection with the foreign embassy. His face told me he was lying. I called a friend of the intelligence bureau. He will come tomorrow with his men to search that Brandon’s house in his absence. You can come too.’ ‘We certainly will!’ replied the two brothers together.

The next day Steve and Keeve set out to solve their first mystery. Dressing rather formally, they caught a cab to Nathbert Street, where the headquarters where located. As they entered, Mr. Jenks beckoned them to come into the room. Facing him was a sturdily built and grim looking man wearing a white shirt, red tie and a black coloured blazer. Keeve noticed a rather scary looking gun half buried in his pocket. Keeves was very interested in guns. He immediately recognized the model and asked the man ,’Your gun is the Colt 5.3, isn’t it ?’ ‘Fine boys you have found, Jenks’, said the man breaking into a smile. He turned to Keeve and said,’ My name is Jason Lestrange and I have come here to help Mr. Jenks. By the way, it is the Colt 5.3. What are your names?’ They gave their card proudly and Steve said that his name and Kevin’s. ‘I’ll keep this card in my pocket in case I need any help, detectives. Thanks.’ saying this, he put the card in his pocket. As they went out of the room to get on the car, Mr Jenks whispered,’ Isn’t he a brilliant man? I just love his attitude!’

When they reached the parking ground, their mouths dropped open. There parked was 3 limozenes in a row. They were going to travel in the first one with 2 squad members and the other 12 squad members were going to travel in the other two limozenes. As the driver started driving the limo, Keeve asked Steven,’ How do these guys know where the manager’s house is located? ‘Apply your mind Kevin, apply your mind. When Brandon applied for this job, he must have also given his address to the employer.’ said Steve in a frustrated tone.’ Oh! How silly of me!’ , said Keeve quietly.

They soon stopped at the gates of a big, old bungalow. They scrambled out of the car and were soon ushered forward. A man went towards the lock on the door. He took out a thin hairpin and started jiggling it inside the lock . The lock opened after a few minutes of jiggling the hairpin in it. He pushed the door open and the squad entered. They were very careful. They opened the locks very quietly and carefully. They kept all the things in their rightful places. They tapped all the wooden panels in the room, to reveal any hidden compartments. The twosome where very amazed by the squad’s work. The squad searched everywhere, but could not find that file.

That night, Kevin asked Steve what to do about the papers. Steve replied,’ As we have taken up this case, we must solve it. The case is at its most delicate point now. A little mistake can be very bad. First we have to confirm if Brandon has sensed the squad’s presence or not.’

The next day, Mr Jenks came. He told them in a rather not-so-pleased voice,’ Oh! Help me, Help me. Today, at office, Brandon came straight to me with a threatening look. He told me that he had sensed the squad’s arrival and if I try to poke my nose anymore in his affairs, he’ll do something terrible. He also told me that he’ll be going to send the papers to the foreign embassy day after. And he told me that I’ll never find those papers.’ ’Hmm. I’ll give those papers to you tomorrow only. Don’t worry at all.’ said Steven in a consoling voice. After Jenks departed, he told Keeve,’ I have solved the mystery. You have a job. I will enter Brandon’s house as a insurance agent. You have to attract the crowd and Brandon for two minutes while I take the papers. Pretend to have lost your car keys and shout.’

The next day, the twosome had a very hurried breakfast. They rushed to the shed to disguise themselves. Steven wore a formal pant and white shirt with a tie. He put on a curly haired wig, a thin moustache and false glasses. Kevin dressed in the same manner without the wig and glasses. He put a false key in his pocket.

The brothers reached his house. Kevin merely strolled until Stuart reached the doorstep. He pressed the doorbell. Brandon, a thin, weak and clean-shaven man opened the door. Stuart introduced himself as Mr Mark Anderson, an insurance agent. He went in and said,’ Ah! A beautiful house you have. Want me to...’, Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a distressful shout. Stuart understood that it was time to finish his job as Brandon rushed to the balcony to find out what happened. Outside, Kevin was doing a fine job. He shouted with his hands on his head,’ Oh my god! Oh my god! Where are my car keys? Where are they? What will I do without them?’, and on and on and on. By the time, Steven had finished his job and had the papers safely inside his coat pocket. He returned back on where he had sat as Brandon came walking back. ‘Silly youngsters! Irresponsible gits! That’s what these people are. By the way, what were you saying?’ said Brandon. Steven said,’ Beautiful and well-maintained house you have, Mr. Geraldo. Want me to insure it for ...’ and he said a very ridiculously high price. Brandon was shocked , so his said thanks and saw him out of the house. Steven was happy by Kevin’s work and joined in the crowd. Seeing Steve, Kevin jumped a little and a false key fell out of his pocket. Keeve put on a relieved look, picked it up and strolled off. There were sniggers from the crowd and it dispersed. Steven joined Keeve who said,’ Wasn’t my act wonderful? By the way, got the papers?’ Steven nodded his head and they went off to the headquarters.

They went in and Jenks came rushing to them saying, ’Any news?’’We have got the papers safe and sound Mr. Jenks, want it?’, said Steven offering the papers.’ Yes, these are indeed the secret papers. How and where did you get it? Did Brandon understand that you have taken the papers?’’Mr Jenks, Brandon is a very clever man. We all see things in a very complicated way. You all thought that he has hidden those papers in a very secret place. But Brandon said that he would give the papers to the foreign embassy tomorrow. So the papers must be in a place from where he can quickly take out and give the embassy. As a result he kept the papers inside a drawer of the side table beside the couch. And as for his suspicion, he was easily fooled by my disguise.’ saying this he put on his wig and moustache. ‘Then how did you steal those without Brandon looking?’ inquired Jenks. ‘Well, Kevin acted as if he had lost his car keys down to attract the crowd and Mr. Brandon’ ‘Good work boys!’ said Jenks thumping on their backs.

That night Keeve told Steven,’ At last we have solved a case. By the way, how did you know that Mr Jenks was tall and strong that day when I opened the door?’ ’A tall man would not knock downwards and a strong man would not knock so lightly, would they?’ said Steve. They both giggled and went to sleep.

And of course they made the front page news!


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