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Flowing river versus stagnant tank

We like it or not; we agree to it or not our tastes and idea of culture has been undergoing tremendous change for the last 7 decades.

The technologies that invaded and the person's using those technologies are responsible and we are all floating in the current and are taken with the flow giving us no chance to change our course 

The cinema, the TV, the mobile are some of them and part of our culture now. The internet has been useful to us as a double edged knife as the earlier quoted technologies and gadgets.

This is inevitable and is part of evolutionary process.

But even literature and other fine-arts too have succumbed to modernity and are making us mere robots.

The money making tendency of certain type of materialistic individuals and experts in various fields is the chief reason.

The influence of cinema, TV and internet has been both advantageous and devastating.

Should be this is the nature of culture which is a flowing river and not a stagnant tank.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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