Three Stories

Is this Not Bad Enough?

There once lived a girl named Ishita Sharma. She was a very happy and playful girl. She was not brilliant but good in her studies. She never had a bad mood. Her mother and father were very happy with her. Ishita’s father was a cameraman and used to travel over the world and shoot cricket, football, volleyball, tennis and other sports. Ishita used to go to La Martiniere School for Girls where she made new friends every second day.

It was a breezy day of August 10th and Ishita was badly ill. Ten to twelve days passed by and Ishita got better. On August 24th Ishita and her mother went to visit a friend of Ishita. Evening came and the two friends went down to play. Her friend, Akash went to play cricket and left Ishita alone. Poor Ishita went to play in the park. After a while Ishita thought of climbing on the monkey climber. She climbed it for a few seconds and CRACK!!!!She fell down, puff! Tears started coming in her eyes. Ishita was unconscious for a few minutes. Then slowly she went and sat on a bench. She didn’t even have the energy to call on someone but just cry silently. 5-10 minutes passed, she sat there unable to move. 

Suddenly a women came and asked her “Where do you come from? Which block?”

Reply rushed out of Ishita’s mouth.The lady grabbed her hand and took her to her mother. Everyone was shocked when Ishita told them what had happened to her. “We have no time to waste. I’m a doctor, allright, but right now we need a X-Ray. Possibly, Ishita, this hand of your is broken.” ‘This is bad enough’ Ishita said to god. Then suddenly she cried as loudly as ever. Three  neighbors rushed out of their houses. One of them was a very old and well-known doctor. “ Go to the doctor right away, this is serious.” He said. Everyone went to the car and filled it up. Suddenly Ishita’s mother remembered her old friend, Mr. D. Banerjee.

He said to bring her to Apollo Clinic where he was in charge. He then quickly sent them to the X-Ray room. When the picture got printed they tod Ishita that her hand was not only broken but was also suffering from multiple fracture. ‘Is this not bad enough?’ Ishita asked god. So they went to Wood Lands Hospital where she was admitted. The next day she had an operation which went successfully. She could not go to school for three months. She was very depressed and sad. Then she had another operation and then she was totally fit and fine. Then she went to school and all her fun, laughter, and happiness found their ways back. Four months passed by and Ishita forgot about the accident and went to climb on the monkey climber again and as word has it, she passed it through and jumped down happily. Now she had a brand new story to tell everyone. ‘This is really not bad!’ she said to god.

Emma and Her Life

There lived a girl named Emma in America. She lived with her mother, father and grandmother. She was very fond of her family members specially her mom. After some months Emma’s grandma died because of illness. Emma’s life became depressed. Some years later Emma’s father died in an accident. Her life became difficult and sad.

The neighbors used to call them the unlucky family but Emma and her mother were always ignoring their comments. Three years passed by. Now Emma was 9 years old. Her mother was still sad but a little more cheerful than the last 3 years.

One day Emma was out and her mother went to a nearby fair. It was the biggest fair anyone could imagine. Suddenly a stove burst and all the people in it died. Emma hurriedly returned when she came to know this, but when she saw her mother’s body on ashes, tears filled her eyes and she screamed with fear, anger and sadness. Now, Emma had nobody, nobody except her family photo.

Though Emma was small, she was strong. She knew crying would not work. She went back home, muttering under her breathe. She was very upset and did not know what to do. Suddenly she remembered her uncle, Mr. Radcliffe. She called him and told him what had just happened. He said that he would come to America, take her to India (where he lived) and would take care of her.
Emma was happy to hear this. She packed her things and took her family photo in her bag. Her uncle came one day later and took her to India, as he had promised. Her uncle had a son and a daughter. They were very happy to meet their elder sister. When she and her uncle reached, Emma received a huge hug from the children and her aunt. They were all very pleased to see her. Emma was felling a little better now. They took great care of her. Emma was happier than ever.
Years passed by and Emma became beautiful, kind and well-mannered. Now Emma was 23 years old. She had passed collage with highest marks. She always had the dream to be a teacher as she loved children and schools. She gave interviews and was selected at her first try at the school ‘Loreto House’. When she came home and told them about this, all of them were very happy, glad and thrilled.

Emma and her family are now very happy. Thus, Emma lost a family and found another.

Zara's Troubles

Once in 1999, a girl named Zara took birth and on the very same day her mother died. Zara’s father had no choice but to remarry. Zara’s stepmother treated her like her own child. But Zara had a problem which she could tell no one. She could hear things which no one else could. As a child, she used to share these things with her friends but they did not believe it.
One day when she could bear no more, she cried for her real mother. After sometime she realized that something or someone was calling her.

“Zara, Zara, Zara” murmured the voice.
Zara immediately replied - “Yes, I am Zara!” she cried excitedly.
The voice again said - “Zara, my child! Do you know me? Tell me Zara, tell me?!!
Zara knew the voice-“Yes, of course I know you”
She cried, “You are my real mother.”
The voice laughed and then sadly said - “You are wrong, dear…I am your ‘dead’ mother.”

Hearing this Zara started to sob miserably.

The voice suddenly got strong - “Zara, you should not cry, never! If you cry then won’t I become sad??!!”
Zara stopped and said - “Why can’t you show yourself?”
The voice now got very happy.”Do you really want to see me?” “Yes!!”
“Then be it!”

Suddenly a golden light appeared and inside it was a very pretty lady all in white. She had a crown on her head. When she saw Zara, she was delighted.

“Dear, dear! You are so much like me!” Zara couldn’t say anything. Her mother continued - “You can see or hear me anytime by wearing this crown.”

She took her own crown and gave it to her.

“And lastly, only you can see or hear me no one else.”

Then she disappeared. At the moment Zara’s father came and told Zara that her stepmom had given birth to triplets. Zara realized that she now had three siblings. To share the good news with her mom, she wore the crown and there appeared the golden light!.


More by :  Akanksha Bhattacharjee

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