Mama's Pullovers Fit me Well

My Mom is tall and beautiful. After Dad goes to college in the morning, I keep her busy. I give her lots of trouble, about some of them I feel too shy to write. They are our secrets! Like every one when she was young like me and did not know how to be clean all the time.
Mamma makes me ready for a bath, everyday. When she removes my clothes I feel very light and buoyant and feel like running. And I start running covering the distance between the bedroom, the living room and the dinning space. And at this time some watery problems come without telling me, I stand and look at Mamma’s angry face.  She looks more beautiful. I make her busy. After cleaning the floor she catches hold of me. She puts me down on her legs and starts putting oil on my body, on my arms, on my legs, in my hair and even into my nose! She enjoys this moment. She starts singing. She tells me to repeat the song.  It is the language in which Mamma and Daddy talk to each other. I repeat the song well. She learnt this song from her mother, and her mother from her mother and now it is my turn.
She wants me to give everything, good food, good clothes, good songs, good prayers, good rhymes, good mind, good things which she has got from her Dad and Mom.   I do not hear her speak anything bad. She does not want me to learn anything bad. When she is free, she will bring her clothes and put them on me. She has many pullovers.  She makes me wear them all one by one. After I am inside them I don’t need any other clothes, they are hanging on me from neck to toe! I like this play. She will take my photos in these clothes. And she will take me to the bed room and put me on a chair in front of the dressing table. I see myself  looking  different. I laugh. I clap. I kiss her.  She kisses me and hugs me and then both of us look into the mirror… I am happy. Mamma’s pullovers fit me well.  I am proud of her. My Mom is tall.  I am her doll. We sing together.


More by :  Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad

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