King Of The Jungle

Stripey the zebra and Snaky the snake  were lazing around in the jungle. It was a warm summer's day.

Stripey was boasting ' The stripes on my body make me look colourful and regal ' he said. ' Why even human beings talk about it. Actually I should be the king of thr jungle, not someone like Lionel the lion' he asserted.

Snaky listened patiently. He was quite used to Stripey's boasting.

' You know what' Stripey said. We should have a proper vote to choose the leader, like those human beings have. In this manner we will remain united. Growly the tiger and Lionel the lion don't even talk to us. They are so arrogant, they don't even talk to us'. He seemed mournful.

Snaky nodded. ' But I can bite ' he said . ' So what Stripey' retorted. ' Whenever you see them you slither away'. ' What about you?' Snaky asked.

Stripey changed the subject. ' We need an elected leader ' he continued. ' And what will he or she do? ' Snaky asked. ' Why look after us' Stripey said. ' Is it only men or women who need looking after?'.

' How do we do it? ' Snaky asked.

' Why call for a meeting and decide our course of action '

' That is a gargantuan task ' Snaky said. ' Why there are so many of us we don't know each other well...'.

' OK we can do it to the best possible extent and form our own group. The men call it society ' Stripey said, trying to show off.

Just then Liz the lizard crossed. ' Look Stripey said'.  ' The poor thing is so small that no one can see him. He can be easily crushed'.

 Snaky nodded in assent. Just  then there was commotion. Buzz the buzzard was flapping his wings excitedly. Polly the parrot started talking animatedly.

They all ran away into the dense thicket of the jungle. Stripey the zebra remained. Two hunters entered the place armed with guns.

' I am the King of the Jungle' Stripey proclaimed. Snaky hissed, bearing his fangs. The men ran away.

' This is the first time I have heard animals speaking ' one of them said,  sweating profusely.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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