The Rabbit and The Mouse

Once upon a time there was a furry doe rabbit who was hurrying through the Takiyama Mountains to look for some corn for dinner. She was so hungry that she did not hear the crickets or the frogs croaking in the pond. On her way down the slope she met a mouse.

The rabbit said, “Hello mouse? How are you today?”
The mouse replied, “I’m fine. How about you?”
“I’m fine too,” said the rabbit. “I’m just going to get some corn for dinner. I’m so, so hungry that I eat the whole cornfield,”
The mouse was rather surprised and asked, “Is there any corn around here? I didn’t know that!”
“Yes, of course!” replied the rabbit, “There’s a huge corn field nearby. You didn’t know that!”
The mouse said, “Really! Will you take me with you?”
“Sure, why not!” said the rabbit.
Then let’s go,” said the mouse quite excited.

So off they went. They crossed the small bridge and soon reached the cornfield. There they saw many big, juicy yellow corncobs nearly falling off their stalks. So they started eating the juicy corncobs. As they were busy eating the corncobs, they suddenly heard a dog barking loudly at them. The dog had seen them eating the corn and was trying to chase them away. Hearing his dog barking so loudly, the owner of the farm came out. He wanted to find out what was the matter. The rabbit and the mouse got really frightened. They ran and hid behind some trees. When the owner went inside they came out and again and started eating the corn once more. Then the dog came out again and started barking at them.

“Why are you eating my master’s corn?” asked the dog.
The rabbit answered, “I didn’t know this was your master’s corn. I’m just eating my dinner. So is the mouse.”
The dog said, “No, you can’t eat my master’s corn.”
“What should we eat then?” asked the rabbit.
The dog thought about this for sometime and then asked the rabbit,
“Do you eat cabbage?”
“Yes, I love cabbage,” said the rabbit.
So the dog said, “We have lots of cabbage that no one wants. You can eat them.”
The mouse quickly said, “But, I don’t like cabbage!”
The dog asked the mouse, “Do you like cheese?”
“Oh, yeah! I love cheese,” replied the mouse.
“You’re lucky. For we have some cheese that nobody needs,” said the dog.

So the dog took the rabbit and the mouse to the farm shed where there was lots and lots of cabbage and lots and lots of cheese.

So the rabbit and the mouse ate lots and lots of cabbage and cheese. And when they were full they said thank you to the dog and started to go back home. On their way back as they crossed the bridge the rabbit gave out a big cabbage burpy and the mouse gave out a big cheese burpy. They both laughed loudly and said to each other, “Excuse me, please!”


More by :  Mukesh Williams

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