Jay's Hiccups

Class 6B was known for mischievous acts. This class had witty pranksters and cunning tricksters.

It was a cool December day, the fan was not on and gentle cool breeze came from the window. This was the ideal time for these mischief makers to sleep or read comics. It was a history lesson, Mr. Malhotra was teaching about the administration during the Maurya dynasty. No one was paying attention until a sound came like hic, hic, hic. It was Jay, he was having hiccups. The whole class woke up. Then Sir came and said, “Jay, you have hiccups.” Then a boy stood up. His name was Abhisekh. He said, “Bring a glass of water” and then Ajay r got up and he said “Oh, no no no. Just shake him”. Then finally I offered my suggestion. “No, no guys, let’s frighten him”.

The teacher said, “Don’t talk, let him just drink from his water bottle.”

Then Ajay stood up and took Jay’s water bottle and started pouring the water in his mouth. On the other side, Sachin started shaking him. Poor Jay, he was choking. He was feeling so uncomfortable that he wanted to scream but his mouth was full of water he couldn’t say anything. But still the hiccups didn’t stop. After that, finally I and Vijay said, “Boo”.

He got scared and his hiccups finally stopped. At the same moment, the Principal entered the class. He said, “What’s going on in this class?” then I rose up and said, “Sir, Jay had hiccups and we were trying to stop them.” He snapped, “You just shut up, Sharma, I am asking your teacher.” Then Mr. Malhotra replied, “Sir, it all happened as he said.”

Principal Sir looked at all of us, his eyes glinting with anger, “You haven’t paid attention to the lesson your Sir was teaching. So, your punishment is to write five essays of 300 words each on the Maurya dynasty.

We all wrote the essays and we finally got good marks in the history exam of class 6.


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