Ladies, Beware of Womanizers

So much has been written on womanizers and yet so much needs to be explained, understood and popularized regarding the breed of women hunters. It becomes a deadly combination when a womanizer occupies a position of power. First and foremost he drains you. He will paratroop in your life and bulldoze himself on your consciousness. He wants to be all over you. The aim is the game, the physical and emotional use.

Womanizing is an obsession. It is a life view. It is the most natural thing for him. That is how life operates for him. Social media has made the reach very easy. There are people whom you do not want to offend. You would like them to go their way and let you be. But the womanizer will not listen to your words. You tell him that you are not available. He is amused. For him, the game is on. You ask him not to text so much. He will agree verbally but will continue to do so. He moves fast. He is such a professional in the art that he makes the right moves quickly. He is so practised that he makes no mistake. He is too good to be true.

Womanizers are pretty intense. He will shower his attention 24x7. And remember that one sentence, "Don't think, enjoy the moment, go with the flow, don't worry." Such sentences are like the mark on a product. He does not want you to think. A thinking woman is a womanizer's ordeal. He wants to subjugate a quality product, a pious, thinking, sensitive woman but there lies the problem. With time, he would hate a thinking woman and yet keep the pretence of love. A womanizer is always a bit of a megalomaniac.

Ravana was the first womanizer, I believe. Sita saw him for what he was. Swollen, drunk on wine and double drunk on power, with incense, soft cushions, good food and naked women all around him, he pined for the pious woman. The more I see life, the more reverence, adoration and love I feel for Sita. What a strong woman she was. She rejected an all-powerful king in his own kingdom. He tried to force himself and she successful resisted.

Ah, the word "kingdom". A womanizer who has a kingdom is dangerous. Directors, CEOs, Chairmen etc etc are potential womanizers. They have immunity from the outside world. They can do what they want within their fortress.

One more thing, you cannot change him. He will pretend to be changing. Basically, he is a chameleon. He is too ready to put on any color you want.

I have been in service for three decades. I live among young girls and boys. I often follow the course of their lives. I feel that it is my duty to talk about this wretched, devilish species of women hunters. The "eyes" have it all. The hunter cannot help looking for ladies. While he is talking to you, he has an eye on your friends, sisters, or any potential prey. If the cellular phone of a womanizer is seized, you will find that he texts his brazenness to at least three women simultaneously. It can be more.

Now, the question is as to why we should be careful not to fall a prey to a womanizer. The first reason is good conduct. Promiscuity is no virtue. Secondly, you are a commodity for the womanizer. Thirdly, he will jeopardize your thinking and critical abilities. Fourthly, he can ruin your reputation and good name. A womanizer turns revengeful when rejected again and again. Fifthly, he can never add value to your life. He will drain you of vital energy. He will distract you. Next, he will upset your personal life and equations. Overall, it is a mean business. So ladies, beware of womanizers unless of course you are also playing the same game.


More by :  Prof. Shubha Tiwari

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Comment Very true mam. The article is well informative and well researched like your other papers which I read regularly.
And for womanizers I strongly pity them for their total wasteing of time and energy of not only others but themselves also.

11-Jan-2020 06:31 AM

Comment It's only when the storm is over, the woman realizes that was a farce. The woman is a changed person. It's physical exploitation as well but with a difference. Whereas in rape, a woman is totally helpless, in case of womanizers, she can stand on her own, show grit and move aside and on. That is why, fore-warning is meaningful.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
08-Jan-2020 18:59 PM

Comment It's not rape, Santosh. The womanizer would bamboozle you. He would like to you to believe that you like him. It's emotional exploitation where the will of the woman does not matter.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
08-Jan-2020 18:53 PM

Comment Must be shared.....
Currently our country is facing so many challenges and rapes are worst of them and these womanizers plays a critical bad role in that......
Beautifully explained..
The Warning sign

Santosh yadav
07-Jan-2020 21:28 PM

Comment Decades back a friend from corporate world told me an incident about her boss who was a professional woman hunter. Once his wife turned up at office, fighting and saying that he would take a girl with him while traveling. The womanizer replied, "One girl! HaHaHa... Don't underestimate me. I can handle more than one at a time... HaHaHa... " That's the extent to which these creeps are shameless and brazen. It's gutter. Nothing else.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
07-Jan-2020 19:46 PM

Comment Once a person turns shameless, family cannot do much. Wives of womanizers also enjoy their stints. Overall their lives are wretched. There is no genuineness, no depth, nothing. The professional "I love you" speakers do not have love, commitment, patience, sacrifice, compassion in their lives. Their lives are hollow just like their words.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
07-Jan-2020 19:39 PM

Comment Madam, what about the familybof womanizers? Don't they face opposition from family?

07-Jan-2020 02:02 AM

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