The Reel Expressions and the Real Democracy

I really feel sick of the gore and violence exhibited in our media in recent times. It was there earlier also; but, it had taken uncouth proportions nowadays in the television serials, stories and movies.

I heard about three popular movies in Tamil recently and all of them had one thing in common: violence and murder. I watched another one released last year which had been proclaimed and acclaimed as a big hit; the movie once again reiterated the age old concept of Tamil or Indian films; the village people are innocent and honest. Educated are arrogant and illogical. Uneducated are paragons of virtue while the qualified ones are impertinent. When problems come, education, position or money do not come to safeguard; only a man who had the ‘muscle power’ with a ‘golden heart’ needed to come for the rescue.

How long this type of ideas be churned out in our movies?

In the present day society wealth, sex, violence and murder take predominance. It could be seen obviously in our various media where the public share and express their feelings. The manner in which they do it, to say the least, is dreadful. They are either positively obscene and vulgar or vindictive and spits venom. It is irrespective of the subject; political activity, law and order, political or religious leaders, education system or arts and culture. Whether one can get any idea about the subject or not they will know the choicest abuses and atrocious views.

All TV serials bank only on one thing; revenge. If someone continuously watch these serials on any Indian language, they will understand whether the women folk of India are suppressed or enjoying unbridled freedom to indulge in any unsocial activities from vile techniques to arrogant tirades to hiring hooligans for murder. Nevertheless, in reality we hear cases about girls like Nirbhaya and others who were ruthlessly raped and murdered. It is amazing when a set of people wants instant justice for such crimes against women there are humanistic gangs which forge ahead to safeguard these rapists and murderers on the grounds of human rights in a secular, democratic society.

The entire universe worships only money; India which always claims to be a philosophical nation stands first in worshipping wealth with the name of God attached to it. However, they never hesitate or bat an eyelid and indulge in a variety of malpractices including murder to achieve their target; money. This concept is constantly highlighted in the television serials, movies, talk shows, social media with amazing impunity.

Yeah; if one offers money to the near and dear, it is gift; if it is for a work or item, it is price; if it goes to an individual to expedite your request it is bribe; if it is presented to God, it is offering.

India must be the only democracy in the true sense, as the public can speak, execute and get away with the crime with least conscience.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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