What is God?

Where ever you go on this planet earth, you will find everyone is talking about God. Those in distress or sick want to be rescued or recover from illness. Greedy one is asking for money. In every place of worship, people are singing and chanting his praise. The egoistic human beings are fighting for him for his ownership; leading to all sorts of crimes, murders, rapes and others atrocities are committed against other human beings. In the name of God simple minded humans are exploited. The God has been given various names and forms. Everyone claims that their imagery form is the ultimate truth. In case some ask them do they know where the God is or what sex or color God has. There comes no definite answer. How come one God has been given innumerable descriptions? This is because of their ignorance resulting from their own ego.

Truly God is a phenomena through which this universe has evolved, created and sustained. In other words we are its creation, which is in one’s own self and around him. This phenomenon sustains itself by the process of instant change in and around oneself. Failing to realize this phenomenon, human ego tries to personify this and makes it as third person and brings him away from this. Instead of realizing, that we are part of these cosmic phenomena, our ego takes us away from this. Therefore, the moment one dissolves ones ego and realizes that he and everything around him is part of this process, will find a bound between him and others around him, irrespective of cast, color, creed, or believes. All the barriers created by human ego will dissolve.

This fact can also be narrated in other way. Ego is the lower self and fails to realize the higher or supreme self. This is because our senses /sensual pleasures enslave our mind and consciousness. Therefore fails to realize the presence of supreme self. How strong is the control of senses on mind and consciousness that determines how far away one is away from the supreme? Librating one’s mind and consciousness from the tentacles of senses or sensual pleasure will help the mind and consciousness to realize the supreme self and help to be part of that.

Men, instead of realizing the presence of this process have created an imaginary entity and have given all types of images, names and have created confusion. Everyone claims that their imaginary creation is the truth. All the so called religions have made a big business and created empire and accumulated vast power over other human beings. The story does not end there. In order to attain the supremacy over others, crimes are committed. The world at present is in the grip of this process of polarization.

To my dismay, mankind from time to time has been taught to realize this by various teachers, prophets, and scared books. No doubt it is easy to worship or follow something which is more concrete then to follow which is indefinable and abstract. More over exploitation by religious organizations have made this worse. Men by large are simple and follow what is given to them by some authority. Under their direct or indirect influence they commit all short of actions.

For example: Gita, one of the holy books for Hindus clearly teaches this, though in a very philosophical way. Krishna is the teacher and Arjuna is the student. After clearing the background between the matter (body) and the self (the cosmic energy) Arjuna asks Krishna to show him the really who he is. He says that you cannot see that with this eye, therefore he will give more to see him. What he sees all the boundless universe in time and space with past present and future? Then Krishna asks Arjuna, to do your action to come to him (The cosmic universe). This can be achieved by dissolving the ego and librating mind and consciousness and bring yourself above dualities as pleasure and pain. Actions need to be performed with equal mindedness.

But the followers have started worshiping the image of Krishna and hating the others who do not agree with them. No doubt Krishna warns that it is very difficult to do but making effort will help to achieve the goal.

Take the example of Christ. Time and again he taught that we all are the sons of the Heavenly Father. Therefore we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves, irrespective of who they are. But that massage has been lost and we have started worshiping without caring for others.

I see this phenomenon in every religion. Men are exploited by others under the umbrella of religion. This is now leading to all type of crimes against each other and is growing involving the higher level of social, political structure. This trend remains unchecked may lead to disastrous consequences.


More by :  Dr. Mohinder Thapar

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