What is Religion?

Man everywhere is trying to find a relation with God.

First question is what is God?

God is undefined entity of the phenomena through which this universe has been created and sustained. This becomes very abstract to comprehend. Its personification into something concrete makes it easy to follow. Therefore several images or representation of that has been developed. Man tries to establish a relation with those entities which may be in any form, shape or image. Thus religion may be defined as relationship established by the finite with the infinite which has been personified and has become second or third person. From time to time people have tried to define infinite and have laid rules and regulation for the finite to follow to gain the trust of the infinite. In that finite or man believes and do his best to follow to gain the trust of infinite or God.

This weakness of man has been exploited by some individual or some organized groups of people under the name of religions. Western religions are more organized and dictate the way this relation between infinite and finite has to be carried out under their guidance and supervision. Eastern religions mostly leave up every individual, in what form and shape they want to establish this relation. However with the passage of time now they are also trying to organize and mediate to establish this relationship. Thus, either way man has been kept away from the true concept of the infinite or God and relationship a finite or man truly should have to promote the true concept of the infinite.

God or the phenomena which has created and sustains this universe is present everywhere and in every one at all times and every moment. Man due to his ego and supported by the so called external religious forces makes the force or phenomena of creation as second or third person. This takes man away from real God and becomes a victim of exploitation.


More by :  Dr. Mohinder Thapar

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