Chakras: The Subtle Wheels within You

Chakras, the curiosity of the “New Age” are actually a secret hidden in our body. Dating back to the centuries of 1500 to 500 BC, described in the Vedas of India, Chakras play an important role in balancing the inner self. The gurus of ancient times spoke a lot about Chakras over centuries. The Yogis are still found mentioning the importance of Chakras in their teaching. You might have come across the power of Chakras. If not then I have a lot to make you familiar with these hidden parts of the body.

What is Chakra?

Yes, Chakras are the most vital parts of your body which are not taught in your biology classes in schools. Chakras are equally important for your body functioning as other internal organs.

Simply put, Chakras are the nerve centers filled with dense energies, the energies that regulate all the aspects of your body. They have usually associated with a form of subtle energy ruling the important organs of the body.

Chakras are not a part of any religion or spiritualism; they are the real authorities controlling our body. Furthermore, the thoughts we get, the emotions we have and how healthy we are is all decided by our chakras. Any imbalance in these nerve centers can be a real cause of emotional and physical disturbances.

So simply try to open and maintain the balance of your seven chakras with the means of ancient healing techniques and step up towards the immense well being in life.

There are seven chief chakras present in our body. Right from the root of the spine to the top of the skull, fixed through our center is chakras. They are more likely the disks or wheels placed at the center of our bones and move as the energy flows through them. 

Let’s go through each of the 7 chakras, from the lowest up:

1. Root Chakra

Your root chakra is associated with your birth and survival. This is located at the lowest a part of your torso, the perineum or the base of the spine.> It is all of the matters essential for the relaxation of existence to unfold, including food and water, shelter, and an experience of belonging. It is our connection to our origins, family and the natural aspects of our birth.

What’s essential for root chakra health: self-care in all forms
When it’s weak: fear, anxiety, disconnection, confusion, uncertainty, joint pain
Corresponding verb: I have, I am
Foods: protein and meats

2. Sacral Chakra

Located within the lower abdomen, it's miles related with the womb in women, and with attraction and reproduction. While the foundation chakra is stable and stable, the sacral chakra is all approximately motion, fluidity, and change. It is related to creativity, emotions, and sensuality.

What’s vital for sacral chakra health: pleasure, creative pursuits
When it’s weak: boredom, loss of inspiration, stiffness, impotence, uterine/bladder/kidney issues
Corresponding verb: I feel
Foods: liquids

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

If you feel which you are lacking strength, tap your sun plexus chakra to prompt it and gain internal strength. Located in the top abdomen, just under the rib cage, the solar plexus chakra is our supply of energy and confidence. Associated with our inner fire, will, energy the Solar Plexus defines the essence of transformation.

What’s vital for sacral chakra health: accept as true within yourself
When it’s weak: the sensation of being trapped, weak, powerless, vulnerable, digestive disorders
Corresponding verb: I can, I do
Foods: starches

4. Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is located at the body’s heart center and extends all through the fingers and hands. This chakra is related to affinity, unity, healing, balance, relationships, and compassion. Once our primary survival wishes are met, and we have movement and autonomy, we can be fully open to love.

What’s essential for heart chakra health: love
When it’s weak: disgust, asthma, withdrawal, judgment, heart issues
Corresponding verb: I love
Foods: veggies and herbs

5. Throat Chakra

It connects our capability to speak and listen, to sing, express our mind creatively, and allow our real selves to show.> Located in the throat, this chakra is associated with expression and communication, not best among the self and others however also among one’s own thoughts and body. A healthy Chakra lets us resonate with the things that bring us joy.

What’s important for throat chakra health:> truth
When it’s weak: lack of ability to communicate, forget of self-care, thyroid problems, colds
Corresponding verb: I speak
Foods: fruits

6. Third Eye Chakra

Located within the middle of the forehead, this chakra represents our capability to see beyond our fabric selves. It is the chakra of awareness and light. This is our supply of intuition, vision, imagination, and clairvoyance.

What’s essential for eye chakra health: averting the illusion
When it’s weak: confusion, awful decision-making, headaches, eyestrain
Corresponding verb: I see
Foods: ones that modify consciousness

7. Crown Chakra

It has the capacity to deliver us bliss and allow us to understand the actual nature of reality. Just as the root chakra signifies our connection to the earth, the crown chakra connects us to the universe.

What’s vital for this chakra: the pursuit of learning
When it’s weak: loss of knowledge, apathy, small-mindedness
Corresponding verb: I know, I apprehend
Foods: none


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