The Birdies and the Boy

Once upon a time there were two swallow birdies chirping on a tree. They were darting here and there looking for some food. Suddenly they saw a small boy running on the road fall down. The boy hurt his left knee. Soon blood started to come out from the knee. The swallow birdies felt very sorry for the small boy and said to each other:

“What shall we do?
How can we help him?”

So they thought of a plan. They flew to the boy’s house and started chirping loudly in front of the window. Then they started flapping their wings and pecking at the glass pane of the window. The boy’s mother heard the two birdies making a big noise. She went to look at the window. She saw the two swallow birdies coming again and again and pecking at the windowpane. She opened the window to see what was the matter. Then as soon as she opened the window she heard her son crying on the road.

She quickly wore her slippers and went out to help her son. Then she picked him up and brought him back home. She then washed his left knee and put some medicine and Band-Aid on it. The boy felt better.

Then she went to the window and saw the birdies were still watching.

She looked at them and said, “Thank you swallow birdies!”

The boy too came out and thanked the birdies.

The mother then told her small boy, “Let’s ask father to make a big bird house when he comes back home.”

“Sure! That’ a good idea!” said the boy.

When the father came back home the boy said to him,

“Can you make a house for the swallow birdies who helped me today?”

The father said, “Sure!”

And then he made a big birdhouse. The swallow birdies came and lived there. Everybody lived happily together.


More by :  Mukesh Williams

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