My Dream, My Wings

As International Women's Day has arrived, we can notice its reflection everywhere in myriad forms. My heart swells with the extreme Joy, on this occasion, feeling our occupancy of space at the global platform. We all have risen from long sleep, now we have many challenges to face. For that I have to rely on our wings believing in our dreams. Trusting our wings will determine the nature of our success will ensure our destination and will show new horizon for struggle slouching towards liberty.  

Women’s day makes us speculate on ‘what we are, what we were; and what and where we will be’. Numerous pictures of grey and bright sides move around and we realise, really we have walked very long on the payment of success and recognition. Today, in all walks of life women have duly put their signature. From where we don't wish to look back, only aspire to fly high and high by dint of our strong wings. Feeling all exuberant colour of success in arena of my dream forwarding towards our targeted goals we have felt the spark of revolution in rather better in our heart. This spark lits the fire of passion in our heart inspiring not to stop but to look forward to achieve what desire. In this we encounter our potential and talent which come in existence after the chronic sleep.

We are slouching spontaneously towards that destination which have no way to return. Now, we have started to enjoy pangs struggling and we don't wish to stop, tired, and fractured. Enjoying this privilege our hearts outburst singing ‘love u jindagi’. Amidst this privileged era what frightens us, why frightens, how long will frighten us?

Answer of all these appears forth that is nothing but apparent men's mind set. When women are not looking you for their existence, what issue, now,they have learnt how to fly on their wings.  Why you create aberration in our way of flight.  We have seen only few decades of freedom and liberty which has opened our eyes to see new horizon for struggle. Just started to write script of our success what, now, makes us shiver echoing how to break patriarchal mind set of looking upon women. Evil in your mentality badly affects us which makes us brood whether we can carry on our odyssey of success and recognition until you are subject to change. Needless to say it will be hard nut to crack why you don't take resolution to end all evils lying in your mentality don't worship us; don't elevate us, just let me fly in the free sky where we crackle and feel proud of our potential.

I urge you not to support but to see beauty lied inside you changing your mentality to look upon women as an object of pleasure. She is awesome creation of Almighty with all opulence of the earth .Why you cut our wings and stop our fly. All time she is not to take resolution, this time your turn to impart something valuable changing your mind set and feel like observing our flight. With your this glorifying change, we will reach our utopia signifying this ‘dil maange more dreams

When we women have recognised ourselves and our power, just started to trust our strong wings which pushes us to aspire to achieve everything what we ever wished. Consequently, in all walks of life we have entered we are working with man shoulder to shoulder. For we are not less in potential, it is time to accept challenge of converting our dream into reality. Our wings provide visibility not here and there but everywhere. As we have learnt to fly, have trust in ourselves and love to our dream make us immerge as stronger and stronger. Now we are not feasible, our virtues are our beauty, beauty with brain. We can find out our ways of choice, not crying man for help just suggesting to do favour checking of their obsolete mind set. Consequently it results in making our race more smooth and easy. This will be a new togetherness of everlasting revolution all seeking an ideal place with men not without. With no weight of any kind we just want to carry on our search for a meaningful life of our dream. My inner voice invokes us:

Hope, the feathers reminding me i have wings
Of my own to fly high, i reach the limitless sky
Dreams having no bound to the chains
All around me, to the eyes having feast
Combining my hope and dreams together
I live day
Still struggling every moment or in between
Te choices i have or no choice at all
Gathering up my broken pieces dreaming to be free
Flying weightless,boundless no tears to flow any more
Being the true me no mirror to replace me
Eyes the portal for soul, glittering.
Writing today my love, i do what i had too
Spreading my hands, flying with aim or aimless.
Contentment on my face.
Rising up, standing high
Hands not so soft anymore, still the softest.


More by :  Dr. Punam Pandey

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