An Adventure of An Old Language!

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""122 languages are declared to be endangered ones. 13 languages are being tried for the revival their scripts. Sourashtri language is one of them endangered to the verge of extinction!")

Will Sourashtri Live or Die?

Unless a language is publicly used, it has no life; a language, though has an official script, but not spoken by the people, is considered to be extinct; Sanskrit has a bad status due to historical reason! Old Sourashtri language, though spoken by thousands of people, due to lack pf development of official script, is attaining a similar status as Sanskrit sooner or later unless strong effort is taken by all!

Even in deciding about the official status of script, there is no unity among its people for long and are in confusion whether it should be Devanagiri script or Ramarai script, even though govt. is ready to help! Unless official script is selected and reforms are made over style of alphabets, Sourashtri will die!

The Pride and Privilege of A Language!

Language is a medium to convey ideas for sharing with all; spoken language is written by means of lipi to create script in the form of books for reading at all times by all sure; that's the way language literature is developed in the world!

After becoming well versed in well developed langue like English or Tamil, it gives a funny look to the lipi that is being developed to create script of that language for publishing books for developing literature in that language!

An old language not cared for hundreds of years sure has little chance to have development like the world's developed languages as far as the lipi is concerned in look, style and convenience to write easily and fast like the developed languages of world!

In this funny status, if two groups of people fight for two different lipis for a language, how can a language have a honorable status as that of the developed languages like English or Tamil with pride and privilege they enjoy ever?

Any Language Can Stand Long Only by its Literature!

The fate of Sanskrit is written on the forehead of Sourashtra; Sanskrit is still surviving due to its vast literature ever; but what literature is there worth quoting from Sourashtra except one or two of the past poets of that community sure?

Without any efforts to develop its literature, Sourashtra days are numbered as there is neither much writers of literature in that language nor no one takes efforts at least to translate literature written by them in other languages of India or world!

By translations, at least, if some worthy literature can be made out in the Sourashtra language, there would be bright chances for Sourashtra to have a firm footing on the ground as foundation to build respectable tower to pocket some national or world awards! The honour and resect of any language wholly lies in the great literature that has been written by its masters of that language!

An Adventure of Installation of An Ancient language in modern World!

Forming a suitable lipi to create respectable script for an ancient spoken language to promote literature with it indeed is a greatest adventure tedious and time consuming art no one can excel in it without the cooperation of all!

Being a oldest language it needs a lot of reforms in the style of lipi or alphabetical letters to go with the pace of other well developed languages of the world all are familiar with and are using with zeal and joy interesting!

Unless such an installation is made no language can cope with the competition in race of languages to excel and stay on top of world literature to attract and absorb all with ideas novel and innovative ever in the fast modern world!

Language developers should know the pulse of modern world before installing an ancient with with attractive lipi and script before promoting literature in that language to be accepted and welcomed by all lovers of world literature sure!

An Adventure for An Old Language to Develop in All ways!

A language having no public use published as magazines and books has no scope for development of its literature; for, to have a wide readership for any magazine or books, people of that language should be more in numbers there!

Only if the language is spoken in working place, public place and enjoys reading and writing in it forever, it has great scope for developing into a literary language too and will be recognized for national or word awards!

When the people of any language is scattered by work and social life, there is no chance for using it in speeches and writing correspondences with them for its natural development in anyway anywhere in the world damn sure! With all those disadvantages for an old language, if it has to be developed in all ways, it's surely an adventure!


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