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Anwar Abro: The Broken Toy

Broken Toy (Bhagal Randeeko) is the Mirror of Sindh – Ghous Pirzado

Broken Toy is the novel for kids, written by young writer Anwar Abro. Anwar Abro is not only a novelist but same time he is journalist, fiction writer, poet and revolutionary person. I found him as a poet in his writings and also in attitude. The said novel is consists of 95 pages. It is the best achievement of the writer that he merged the whole homeland in his novel. This novel is not only based on his Village Jhangyani, but the large numbers of the villages are mentioned in the novel with all the colors of Sorrows and happiness. Writer has fully tried to keep the Village stars as highlight the novel. The simple life of the village is twinkling on the AJRAK of the novel with his originality.

It is the sign of success of the novel, as the great intellectual revolutionary Mr. Sobho Gianchindani appreciated the Novel with open heart. He wrote in the preface “Broken Toy (Bhagal Randeeko) has recalled so many forgotten events of my life, Malhar the main character of the novel is the character of my life”, he wrote. Commerade sobho recalled the journey on camel boxes, during the marriage ceremony of his cousin jamna, after the study of the Broken Toy. Not only this, but he recalled his short story “destroyed nest” while studying the Novel.

Anwar Abro is a well known Journalist, Fiction writer and drama writer, but I found him as a poet every time. His language is so soft and beautiful with (a fragrance of) the originality of classic of Sindh. He does not try to write some words on the paper, but he paints the landscapes on the board of Literature. Anwar Abro has written this novel in that crisis period for child Literature and it is not only a big achievement of the witer but also a great contribution to literature. It is the tragedy of Sindhi literature that at all the time it faced the lack of child literature.

Broken toys have very much importance in our young age. We used to feel very much sad with out the company of the toys in the childish age. The Broken toys of the little age, plants the Sadness in our soul. That’s why when we laugh; the tears may travel together with us. The childish period is the period of (supreme reign) kingdom in our lives.

The Novel broken Toy (Bhagal Randeeko) is written by Anwar Abro in Sindhi Language and published by the Kachho Publication which is newly introduced institution, running under the ownership of Young writer Mohammad Ali Majid. As KP has published Literary Books till now, it is focusing on the child Literature and it is very good step for the new generation.

It is clear that our individual and collective role would live on the earth and the body would not live more. As Mr. Anwar Abro has written the Novel for children, in which he tried to introduce all the angles of the rural Sindh, and he achieved to show the Fields, greeneries, culture, pains, Struggles and some other prettiness of the rural life. He did not only write on the beauty of the village life but he has presented the wickedness of the feudal life.

Malhar, the main character of the Novel was not created by the witer, it was available in Sindh already, and the wittier has made friendship with him, and presented him in front of the readers with clean face. He only washed the dust from his body, and we are happy to see ignored character among us, so that he has done historical job. So many short stories meets in the novel, each scene of the novel gives us a different universe. Novelist has done the photography of that agricultural and beautiful Sindh, which will help the coming generation to understand the great past of Sindh hopefully. “Before sowing the seed of rice, his Father was watered the fields to remove the tough ness and to make it soft, which was called as (Daff). Daff, is that word which is now not in frequent use of rural life of Sindh. It means the writer gave new birth to this word. Not only “Daff” but he used all the local Language in Novel frequently.

He showed the hat- free atmosphere of the village life, where only love was the main focus. Little pleasures, joys and smiles were the asset of the rural communities. Nature was supporting to grow creative feelings among the peoples. Each person was born with creative mind. He justified the village life as full of emotions, richness of feelings and based on reality. Even the Urban life was affected with the diseases of the materialistic attitudes he narrated in the novel.  

We can see the movie of village celebrations; and get enjoy. He showed us the “SUKHA” celebration, where the Women are going to pray on the tomb of a saint on the birth of a boy child, in ox carts. This is only the paragraph of the novel, but he has concluded the beauty of village life. When the women are singing the songs in this “SUKHA” event, we can see universe singing and dancing with them. Writer can be appreciated on the making of novel’s nest with collection of different short stories, as the birds make the nest with different items of wood and Grass.

As we know that Feudal system is fracturing the whole society with his cruelty, so writer has showed the difficulties of this system honestly, he protested against the feudal lords in the shape of Mr. Gullan, which(who) fought with the feudal lords with the help of revolutionary and political activists and took part in election against Waderas. Struggle against the feudal lords is also important peace of the “Broken Toy”.

Novel is based on multidimensional aspects; such social, political and cultural sides etc. For example, he touched the sorrows of a widow, who was living with her life partner in rich condition, but after the death of her husband her life suddenly came down. She went in critical condition of her personal life. She was a mother of a son from her Husband. Her brothers made her second marriage with out her agreement.(consent) Writer has fully succeeded to show the generous life of village women in our society.

Publishing of beautiful Novel gives good strength to Sindhi literature. (Repeated) Collectively we can say “The Broken Toy is the Mirror of Sindh”.


The Commitments of writer Pirzado Ghoush at it’s mutidimentional horizon gives richness to the true shade highlighted in the novel “The Broken Toy” written by Anwar Abro. It is interesting to read and note the minute details of the rural and feudal structure with all its possible probabilities in the day to day life of a common person, specially the woman sector that is suppressed and dominated in every era. It was and is amazing to read about the “SUKHA” celebration, which I myself have not known but for this piece of writing by Ghous Pirzado.

In a true sense the novel participates in provoking the curiosity of a reader to know more unknown facts about the origin of sindh and its culture that has been inherited by the younger generation. Truly it is the literature that is the foundation stone for the knowledge that has been passing from generation to generation. As far as Children’s literature is concerned, it is the basic requirement of the society as we are here to learn and educate the raw minds and sow the fertile seeds of our lands fragrance, its soil’s productivity in hearts and minds that are fresh. The enriched heritage finds its recognition through children’s literature as the Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and we have to give them multi-dimentional sources that can enrich their hearts to reproduce flavor in all shades.


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