Sans Medicine, Can All Overcome Corona Attacks by Any Means?

How To Contain Disease At Least If Not Fully Cured!

Till new medicines are found out, social and physical distancing are advised to follow by confining at home to contain spread of deadly virus further so that disease chain can be disconnected and that way people can be saved from deaths all over the world!

It gives the feeling that end of world will take place with the deaths of all people due to the large proportion of spread of disease in almost all nations of the world with the exception of one or two soon to fall in line with others...!

Analytical thought reveals the fact that good food is good for health and that too to eat well cleaned and cooked food is always best for all if care is taken in taking foods that can improve and strengthen immunity of body to face all diseases! Food items with A, B, C, D vitamins like carrots, roots, fruits and egg are advised for all to take to make immunity strong so that power of disease can be minimized, controlled and also, contained at least if not fully cured immediately!

Let Us Wait And Watch With Faith!

Just like Tsunami, Covid 19 like a shadow falls slowly on the preys, who lack immunity to resist viral disease, to sure death as no vaccine or medicine is ready to deal with it!

Once in a while all viral diseases visit the world to take their preys for sometime challenging scientists to find out medicines and disappear like darkness hides at dawn sure!

Sun power surely kills burning to death the parasite viruses; they have shown their valour and now it's time for the Sun's Power now it's being the time for Summer solstice to rule!

If Winter gives haven to viruses, Summer hunts them down to clear all hideous creatures to disappear like the vampires do at the sight of Sunlight reigning supreme at dawn and on!

There is a limit and time for everything in the world whether tt is good or bad, until then, all have to wait and watch.., !

Pandemic Disease Reminds of and Prepares for End of Life!

One day or other, each one has to face loneliness in world life; children grow up, work and live wedded life outside and also, elderly members of family pass away leaving the remaining one or two members live a lonely life till the end comes sure!

Loneliness trains to live independent life facing small problems successfully to live a new way of life sans fear of anything with the mind getting prepared to meet death with open heart with a sense of completion and satisfaction to see the other world! This World life is not an everlasting one for anyone, though the developed, modern way of life has made many forget that even civilization cannot prolong one’s life sans superannuation as death is inevitable like birth and regeneration designed by Nature!

This important message is reminded by pandemic disease Corona, for which no medicine is found out making all rely on prevention of the deadly virus by maintaining physical and social distance in isolation at home preparing all face fear and even death as a fact!

Restoration of Normal World Activity from Pandemic!

Corona pandemic has closed down all gatherings of people in mass not only in markets, cinema theatres and offices but also in Temples resulting in independent thinking and action by one and all sure by isolation of disease affected people and weak ones young and old!

Never in world has history had a viral disease like this Covid 19 not only killed people not in ones or twos but in thousands in a brief period of time crippling world economy to the lowest level making many rich poor and poor lose their lives due to acute hunger and poverty sure!

Curfew is imposed everywhere in the world to break the chain of virus spreading beyond alarming proportions not only for a few weeks but also a month or two to see some progress in stopping Corona disease for resuming usual and normal activities of humanity in the world…!

By cooperation and coordination of whole humanity in unity only this extraordinary situation not seen before in history can be rehabilitated!

Let Us Unite for World Development to Escape from Dangerous Illnesses!

Experience of suffering due to Corona pandemic is uniting all citizens of world as one humanity against all differences of religions, races, classes or castes not by gathering together but by keeping social and physical gap so as to avert the medicine-less spread of invisible Corona disease virus everywhere!

Unity of humanity is caused by Corona disease which was impossible by wars, religions, military power and even by economic development at the cost of social development by many governments of even democratic countries ever! It is indeed a vital lesson all should not forget even after Corona passes away!

World has come to this stage due to advanced researches are being made to find new medicines for new diseases, but failed to do them in full isolation; advancements and developments are necessary in science and technology but not in competition, but only in cooperation among all world nations sure!

Otherwise, extraordinary dangerous situation world has to encounter at the expense of even the extinction of whole mankind and animals in the world!

Nightmare Looms Large Due to Unabated Pandemic Clout!

Corona pandemic affects everyone without exception everywhere in the world; to curtail the spread of the pandemic bus, train and plane services are suspended; even food items and household materials are sold out through mobile shops; but even then, casualties are increasing; deaths are steadily increasing alarming all!

With so many social restrictions in vogue, Covid 19 as never before causes concern. Though distance is maintained between people and nations, friendship is deepening, poverty figure of population is about to rise high as rocket to the sky soon sure now! Fear psychosis though overcome by faith of unity of all, death thoughts are there..!

People’s daily life has become a big question mark as all places are locked down…! People are longing for free movement to proceed with regular works for survival! Dreams of prosperous life are in doldrums like trees fully shaken of leaves by storm; people are longing with too much awe to see calm day dawn after ghostly cyclones!

Experience of death and what’s after all are imagining, thinking and dreaming in horror as if all see horror movies losing sleep at night in nightmares without any exception!

Time to Change Way of Life in the World!

Dreams of romantic love start going on before intimate one is achieved in reality having no idea of fate's play in our life; Corona is the agent of fate that has made all follow social and physical distancing to save lives from it pushing all to start!

Yes, as in the beginning, again all have to be pleased with romantic dreams to overcome longing to have union with dear ones till the chain of Corona virus spreading fast is broken for the free social life to rejuvenate once again as earlier!

Dream is a great boon from God to man in the world to make all losses of life compensated by it to pass on rest of life in a new way leading to diversions like enjoying music, arts, or basking in Nature to go on higher level in spiritualism!

This is how life has to be lived and that man is made to realize through sudden pandemic like Corona we face now!

Only The Fittest Can Survive!

Plights of migratory workers are in a pitiable condition! Due to Corona virus pandemic, borders between States of Nation are sealed to stop entry and exit of people to maintain social and physical distancing to stop spread!

Homeless workers unable to get conveyance to go to their own home places, try to walk to reach there with hunger and also, die on the way as they don't have money to buy food and no hotel is ready to supply food items now...!

Without daily wage, many poor people beg for food on all road sides and charity institutions now seem to supply food for them along with govt. aiding setups now and if curfew is relaxed and transportation resumed, it's good!

All over the world, Corona has put all people in a very difficult situation saving only the fittest to survive!

Time Only Knows the Answer!

Sons of Nature, farmers, instead of enjoying, cry now for their inability to harvest with workers unavailable farm products like vegetables, flowers and fruits due to imposition of curfew to stop spread of Corona disease!

Only 10 to 20% farm products are available in the market; balance 90% of them are perishing or ripening and rotting in the plants and trees in the farms and villages due to sealing of borders and no transportation available now!

All over the world social and economic progress made is retarding down and down making economists and traders blink with big question mark due to the strange thunder Ball of Corona that has fallen on the Earth suddenly...!

How long social and physical distancing by curfew and isolation can spread of Corona diseases be resisted by World humanity and when normalcy will return to nations? Time only knows the answer to bring relief to all sure!

Best Strategy to Win in Any Battle!

Corona curfew has caused isolation for world people to prevent themselves from infection of deadly virus. Social and physical distancing will not deny anyone mental intimacy with dear ones as children play ever!

This is the particular case with widows and widowers. But the imagination and dreams help them overcome loss and inability to see beloved forever and ever. So, even the Corona cannot show its tail to them...!

Distancing and isolation are best means to inculcate discipline to restrain oneself and manage all things in independence independently helping one to face any future odd situations too better than before...!

Distancing from others or maintaining equal distance certainly is the best strategy to win in battle ever!

Where has Development Led us and will Lead to?

Fast going civilized world stands still by Corona curfew! It seems Time Machine has taken world to a remote past; isolated all from world activities, stay at home long to prevent the spread of deadly viral disease further!

Playing cards, carom and chess, all spend time in families. Only birds fly free and bird's eye view of situation is seen via TV news making all wonder when usual normal fast life in competition with time will begin and wait and watch sure!

Living and working with machines moving and stationary, we have forgotten natural way of life birds and animals still live in the world though we have advanced by science and Technology sans any idea of new diseases affecting life..!

It seems our development is a lopsided one after all as we don’t know where it will lead good or bad seeing status now!

Who Will Be the Winner and Who Will Be the Loser?

Developments man has made, no doubt, are symbol of civilization; but he has brought in new diseases too that can't be cured too; this raises the doubt that whether Corona has spread from bats to humans via animals or it's produced to make new war weapon!

It's only like the Nuclear weapon that will not only kill enemies but also possessors too along with whole Earth soon! With natural big bang, Universe with Stars and planets have appeared and man can destroy it with another big bang, seems!

Realizing this biggest blunder of civilization at least now let all work in competition to find out medicine to contain and cure Corona before the destruction of all man has created and invented as mark of civilization ends all in a single stroke!

If that happens sooner or later, who will be winner and who will be the loser and that can anyone guess now or tomorrow?

Another Instance of Matchless Magnificence of Nature!

Man in his great pursuit of technological development sure has failed to know the consequences of pollution caused by industrial smoke and effluents along with emissions of CO,CO2, NO2, CFC, etc. from vehicles and refrigerators long…!

Pollution of air and contamination of rivers and lakes have harmed land and sea animals and created deadly diseases! Now it has become the turn of Frankenstein’s monster like Corona to affect humans by wiping out human race now!

In the battle between man and Nature, man is matchless before magnificent Nature not only in generosity but also in wrecking havoc to the extent of endangering humans all over the world with no exception to any part at present!

Months of isolation of humans in their homes and lockdown of all businesses and works, normalization of situation is nil!

Maintain Cleanliness and Sanitation to Escape from Corona!

In the past, ghost was believed making it easy for religion to thrive swaying all people sure. Then, alien has occupied in the thinking minds making Science to flourish in modern world...!

Now, the invisible Corona virus is horrifying as an invincible villain to the whole humanity. No religion, science and magic seem to control Corona virus infected disease of 2019 in world!

Nature through this deadly dangerous disease reminds of the mistakes of dirty world, pollution and inhuman wars that have destroyed natural resources and uncleanliness of world and men!

Unless cleanliness and sanitation are well maintained, there is no escape from Corona!

Confirmation of the suspected or affected ones by Corona only can help quick assessment of the duration of disease and also, when and how the problem can be successfully solved for good!

Until then, the suspense and standstill of world activities will continue to any number of days and months even after four months have gone away due to curfew everywhere in the world!

This historically unknown Corona disease so far makes all remain in isolation and think of survival against new odds no one so far has encountered in the world life quite strange!

Only cleanliness and sanitation now seem to help to face this strange viral disease along with stamina rich food to boost immunity to successfully deal with it to contain it better!

For that, unity and strong resolution to maintain distance and cleanliness only all can succeed in driving out Corona!

Global Problem Needs Global Solution for Peace and Joy of All!

Globalization of trade and economy by many nations have made it very easy for the spread of Covid 19 all parts of the world for want of suitable vaccine by research, cleanliness, sealing

Of borders, social distancing and isolation at home are needed!

This is a greatest world problem in the world history of humans. World cooperation is needed to solve it once and for all sure. Rapid test of thousands is urgently needed to decide next step;

Curfew, restrictions and lockdown need to be carried out sure!

Proper food to boost immunity for all is the best way to keep this viral disease at distance till proper vaccine is made to wipe out Corona forever on a global scale so that all can go out free anywhere to do businesses for peace and joy of all!

Global problem needs global solution by cooperation and also, Coordination without competition and domination of power now!

Change of Gear Needed for World Economy to Save Humanity!

World nations' progress of economy by technological developments at the cost of Nature, life and beauty of all has made dirty world, pollution, junkyard deteriorating and rotting and contaminating lakes, rivers, seas for breeding new diseases to spread everywhere!

Competition in all walks of life has led to trades everywhere fetching in overwhelming money for advanced technologies to be Super powers by nations has destroyed forests for raw materials, fuel and food products to boost business shrinking agriculture!

Due to competition between Russia and Saudi Arabia, US price of Crude oil has gone down to zero dollar, but price of food items have gone to sky high and zigzagging everywhere in the world! Already water is contaminated and food too will become scarce!

Economy based on technology will have to concentrate on farm industries and agricultural developments for saving human world!

Don’t Go Beyond Natural Limit Ever for Good!

Once in every Yuga, end of world comes by natural act of destruction either by fire or flood or by storm or Earthquake, but never has happened by a pandemic sure!

Perhaps The Almighty wants to experiment the end of humanity in the world by Corona pandemic to start a new creation of better human species as He wishes..!

Supreme Creator allowed humans to do whatever they wanted believing they won't affect Nature and other living beings relying on their intelligence of brain!

But man has exceeded his limit in everything whether it is creativity or destruction unexpecting that he would bring the end of Earthly living by Covid 19..!

However intelligent man is, he should not try to go beyond natural limit, if he wants to live in the world!

Let Us Shun Bad Activities for the Good of All!

It's not enough we are clean, healthy, others should also be so. Not our nation, but all world nations should be disease free. Then only, economic and social activities can be resumed sure; Until then the suspense of Covid 19 will continue forever!

Curfew, lockdown, border sealing and distancing between all have to be revoked for normal life activities to resume soon sure. Then only, transportation of all to all places can be possible to restart for the world to be brisk with all activities ever!

Cleanliness of self, home, towns, cities, environment and also, atmosphere is the best way humankind can survive with surety. Harmful activities of humans on Nature, art and culture need To be stopped by living in harmony with Nature for happy life!

Let us shun all bad activities for prolonged life of all in the world to live a good, joyful, peaceful and satisfying life here!

Realize Doom’s Day is not Far Off!

Universal Spiritual Energy activates everything everywhere that unrealized ones oppose only to lose one's valuableness. Nature is the grandest manifestation everywhere including the Earth by that incomparable Power has to be used wisely!

Harnessing of Nature for bad purpose leads to destruction only to man unimaginable like the Corona virus rocking the Earth everywhere with no counter possible by man with the only option of keeping big distance till it disappears...!

Somehow even if this colossal crisis is overcome with extreme care by isolation of all in the world, selfish way of dealing with Nature man should not dream ever let alone imagining and planning as he has done in past affected by greatest shock!

Even after punishment, if man does not correct himself ever respecting Nature, doom's day of whole system is sure to follow!

Please Maintain Social Distancing to Break the Chain of the Spread of Corona

From the smallest insects to biggest animals, plants and humans Earth is the only living planet in the whole of Solar System! Music of birds, sounds of animals, voice of humans and noise of machines and vehicles are heard only in this planet ever!

But due to pollution, climate change and pandemic disease now, the whole world has become silent sans activities and sound...! Thousands of people are dying every day due to the silent and invisible virus called Corona 19 more than in the Vietnam War!

Is it improvised new form of World War unlike the World Wars of the past, when millions of people died due to Nuclear bomb? Will the world come to an end due to world war or pandemic war or Natural disaster like storm or flood or forest fire or what?

World is reeling under the spread of a chain of Corona viral infected disease 2019 needing to be broken by distancing now!

Will Corona Lessons Be Forgotten Ever?

Existence, knowledge, bliss and Absolute are stages of life generally followed as human culture since time immemorial to man and that covers individual life, world life, divine Spirit experience in Nature and union with Universal Spirit!

Sans bothering about this wise way, all follow the new way of modern life as Civilization losing complete touch with Nature and suffer a lot at the time of natural disasters caused by pollution and climate change unable to end it!

New ventures without any discipline and control lead to new diseases like Corona 19 with no means of escape from its grip but only trying to break the chain of deadly viral spread all over the world by curfew endless long!

Deaths due to disease seems to become less than hunger of many migrant and poor people everywhere sans redemption! The lessons learnt due to lockdowns and social distancing surely can't be forgotten, for, otherwise end is sure next!

Maintain Ever Immunity to Meet with Good End Sure!
A great lesson all have to learn from Corona experience is to overcome infection, epidemic and pandemic, one has to maintain cleanliness, sanitation, distancing and isolation!

It is the way to overcome fear and gain confidence to deal with a pandemic disease like Corona all have learnt it in a hard way no one can forget lifelong in this world sure!

But despite hard lesson, many are still playing with the fire of Corona seeing some carriers of the virus have spread it to many others coming out free by immunity....!

Just health is not enough without body immunity trimmed up by taking proper minerals along with basic vitamin in the food of everyday and this is the vital message of Nature!

Natural immunity if maintained by proper care ever respecting Nature, one can stand and fight against any disease better!

Now Lessons Learnt Only Can save Mankind!

The Almighty waits and watches long before punishing all and whose manifestation or agent Nature bears all brunt before giving vent to its wrath in the forms of storms, cloud bursting rains, droughts and diseases against all!

Besides the Almighty, love, beauty, endurance, patience, resourcefulness and philanthropy are the attributes of Nature serve as model for all living beings on the Earth that man has failed to follow as culture by civilization!

All the blunders blindly committed by humans in the name of global economic and technological developments have increased pollution in air, rivers and seas leading to climate change facilitating to show Nature's other side!

Inescapably cornered chess king, world people are forced to follow all restrictions to overcome the spread of new Corona virus leading to deaths in huge numbers everywhere and the lessons learnt so only perhaps can save mankind!

Has Forward March in Many Fields Solved All Problems?

All living beings live in love, joy and peace enjoying the beautiful environment of Nature as nowhere else in the whole Universe full of billions and billions of Stars and Planets..!

Such a paradise is nowhere discovered so far! When this is so, how can anyone have heart to destroy it by pollution, wars, terrorism and new diseases killing people in large chunks?

Is it due to democratic freedom or power of monopolists taking the world as football to play big business game in the world arena to see who is powerful and who controls world?

After making forward march in many fields, have they eliminated hunger, poverty and also, disease making all rich and healthy to do great adventures and achievements in humanity?

We Will Win the War Against Corona Enemy!

World men are now chivalrous knights and Musketeers to fight as warriors against the invisible enemy, Corona wearing face mask and sanitizing hands as protective shield while going out for works ever!

Curfew and lockdown measures to stop spread of the deadly virus have cleaned environment and rivers and sky from dirty and contaminating pollution to clean air and fresh water as was in the past sure!

It is a serendipity that is happening as a great blessing in disguise for the great efforts of our brothers and sisters all over the world damn sure suggesting all to follow the same as way of life!

Maintaining cleanliness, sanitizing, wearing mask and social distancing, we warriors will win in war!


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