Anti-national Miscreants are Misguided

Fanatic, Morbid (MFMs)

Indian muslims are integral part of Indian civil society. They enjoy all the rights and privileges like rest of the society. Indian muslim luminaries contributed greatly in many fields and as prominent leaders in public life. In pre-independence stalwarts like Abdul Kalam Azad,Shah nawaz khan, Rafi ahmed Kidwai, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan are few examples from galaxy of shining stars in politics and public life. Of course they are no more and remain dearly in our memories. Post independence many muslims contributed phenomenally to Indian society in many fields. President Abdul Kalam, Justice Hidayatullah, Ustad bade Ali Gulam Khan, Air Chief Marshal I S Latif are few amongst many, many who are always remembered for their nationalistic fervor. In current times philanthropist Premji of Wipro, Abid Ali Governor of Kerala, Lt. general Ata Hussain, actor Amir Khan, are but few amongst millions of minorities across the cross section of the country counted for their nationalistic fervor.

In the last few decades some bad elements are deeply involved right from smuggling, drugs trafficking, money laundering and many such illegal activities, which effect only commercial interests of India, but no more damage, mercifully. Slowly bad elements retrogressed to wicked and supporting anti national activities. Finally wicked elements deteriorated vicious for direct involvement in anti- national activities- group disobedience of civil laws, unrelenting & unreasonable belligerent arguments with authorities and anti national interests tantamount to soft rebellion. Under same code of laws of land which they violate, they plead shelter to protest for their unlawful activities and protection to the law breakers. They are misguided and brain washed by fanatic morbid (For brevity abbreviated Misfams or MFMs).

On one hand brilliant luminaries are contributed and on the other hand belligerent Misforms/MFMs commit grave offences and anti national activities, which go scot free unquestioned, un challenged or uncontested by rest of the social groups silently.

During discussions entire social community is grouped together and painted same colour which is predominantly MFMs biased. This is highly demeaning, undeserving and hurts sentiment of positive and nationalistic group , for that matter entire main stream community excepting the Misfams/MFMs. They suffer ignominy with humility for years but do not condemn! This gives moral support to MFMs. It is surprising as to why MFMs and their anti national activities are not condemned (!) by knowledgeable, educated leaders of main stream social group.

Separating wheat from chaff is essential. To segregate Misfams/MFMs from main stream muslims is obvious solution. Muslims should be isolated from Misfams/ MFMs who are involved in anti Indian activities. Word ‘Muslims’ need not be referred in discussions of anti national activities which is invariably linked with Misfams/MFMs and therefore referred as such- Misfams/ MFMs.

Further clarifying, recent incidents of Tubligi religious function which lead to super spreading of dreaded Covid19. Not to mention involvement of muslims but involvement of Misfams/ MFMs is deservingly appropriate. This measure gives main stream muslims more dignity and respect, and isolation from ignominy and disgrace of Misfams/ MFM anti national activities. Then appropriate corrective legal measures can be enforced better. For that matter special provisions and laws can be enacted and executed for appropriate and suitable measures to curb menace of Misfams/MFMs.

Disfranchising Misfams/MFMs which disallows and debars from voting process and contesting elections perhaps

Is one of the best additional measures to contain and curb Misfam/MFMs menace. This measure should be extended to include all those who support, protect, abet, shelter, shield or in any way connected with Misfams /MFMs.


More by :  Dr. Somasekhar Rao

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