Lessons Taught by COVID-19 Epidemic

Earth also known as the globe has diverse geography, climate, cultures, civilizations. Despite these variations what has unified them is attack by an epidemic. Entire world is praying almighty in tandem with common language to please give some relief. Means relief from the enemy assault, an enemy whose next  move is not known to any one. There two types of enemies, visible and invisible, the former at least givens you a chance to defend, but what to do with the latter one who keeps you in dark and you keep guessing all the time. Human history has faced many such epidemics all ending with destruction which includes social, economic, psychological aspects. The current episode shall also come to an end ultimately but at what cost, no one knows.

Epidemics always leave some lessons for mankind. The current scenario also includes them. The foremost lesson from Corona episode is the fact that despite scientific and technological developments the human civilization is a highly vulnerable lot to the extent that such epidemics can wipe out the human race from this earth. A microorganism has brought whole civilization on its knees, the difference between rich poor, developing developed countries has been reduced drastically. The immediate target before every one is to find ways to survive. It has become secondary to think about origin and spread of this virus, though side by side research is on to find some clues. All the nations with skilled men power have approached this problem with multi pronged strategy, on the one hand social distancing is being enforced for containment, while on other side efforts are on to find pharmacological solutions in form of medicines and vaccines. Such scientific methods can not bring overnight results so it is only a wait and watch situation. All this with a high degree of optimism as earlier also the human race found effective solutions to pandemics.

As of now world is at stand still stage, majority of countries have passed 1st phase of lockdown. Many including India have relaxed certain norms. But we can not call ourselves completely safe until disease or virus is eradicated totally. No need to discuss it loudly but world has already started feeling the effects of epidemics, economy is going to crash, inflation shall soar to sky, purchase power of individual is likely to diminish, no new job creations, many people might lose their present jobs. This is going to pose many problems, may lead to social conflicts, trade wars, even full fledged war among countries due to resource crunch.

Another lesson by this epidemic is the fact that it has induced a thought process every where that whether our present lifestyle has invited such crisis. Is it a message by nature that we should reorient our priorities, change our life style in a manner that it should flow  smoothly with nature. Another dimension to thought process is added by the fact that we should reinvent our creative urge not visible for last many decades.

Last but important lesson by epidemic is that human society should direct its energy towards well beings and welfare of humans. We need more education more medical centres on this earth. There is no point in spending millions of dollars on space research to set up colony on moon or mars. There is also hardly any need to spend money on atom bombs. It would be better if we improve our own house, it would be a matter of satisfaction if we are able to improve quality of life on this earth.

The so called lock down is 1st experience for majority population in India.  If we leave aside the huge economic losses, then there are some positive sides also. Isolation in homes has improved our relationships, we have become more concerned about our children living away. Pollution has been reduced by 50%, rivers are clean. Govts have spent crores on river cleaning with out any solid results, one month of lockdown has done wonders.

There are also talks of a new world order in coming months where we shall try to leave behind our present religious social beliefs and move towards a time when entire world is a family free from discrimination.


More by :  Prof. Rakesh Goswami

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