Covid-19 Times! This Too Shall Pass!

A note to My team at Shiv Nadar School - March 2020

In November 1989, I was walking up from 15000 feet in Siachen, to 18,000 feet towards Bila fond La pass .. (- I found a photo of the pass, as I write!!, I was at Bana top btw, the highest military post in the world at 21,500 feet)

In Siachen we walk on "beaten" paths - where soldier teams have walked before, and made a track - because any place away from the path could be a crevice with a thin snow cover, and one can go straight in.

The enemy suddenly started shelling - which is artillery bombs - we had to take a quick decision - run upward (even more exhausting) - run downward (walk back again!?) - or just keep walking, (anyway we don't know where the next shell could land - could be the exact place where we ran backwards and reached!)

So I decided to sing an old Hindi song with my 20 soldiers, and keep walking at the same pace - and trust in God and destiny. We came out happy, and alive with one more story to tell!

How we handle adverse situations, like what we face today, tells us a lot about who we are. The best come out stronger. They smile more and make others feel stronger. We find silver linings.

And other than trusting destiny - do sensible things.

Recalibrate. Ask yourself what gives you most joy. Spend time doing that. Find old friends. Enjoy your favourite song. This is my current favourite.

This is a passing phase - as are all tough situations. Nothing is as bad as it seems when it happens. We will be fine.

Take care and God Bless.


More by :  Col. Gopal Karunakaran

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