Paatal Lok; Abyss of Underworld

‘Paatal Lok’ is a well made but positively disturbing series added to Amazon Prime recently. Yes. It is yet another crime thriller but with innumerable characters and back stories which might likely to confuse the viewer. It is the tale of an insignificant police inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary posted in Outer Jamuna Paar Police station who has suddenly been drawn into a vortex of a high profile murder attempt case; in his search he had to cross through the several labyrinthine of his own department but also the society at large; from the political, downtrodden, village, media and the stinking rich and powerful.

The narration provides ample scope for sharp dialogues, swift actions, spilling of blood, shocking sex and violence.

Jaideep Ahlawat as the policeman of miserable life in the Paatal Lok police station who goes into action only to face more complex situations leading to another does his work effectively with his absolutely robust face and bulk. Neeraj Kabi as the sauve media man and Kul Panag as the miserable wife of the police man are the probably known faces (not to me). Others are all strangers only.

There are 9 episoded of which the last one is quite significant. A preamble to each episode threw light on the life or background of some specific characters. I have not come across on screen where the chasm of differences existing between the three worlds of elite, middle and low class population this poignantly!

I don’t know why OTT platform is flooded only with morbid and sleazy crime thrillers. May be they alone sell. Nevertheless, ‘Paatal Lok’ makes one feel defeated because of the well oiled system of corruption exists in our society where humanity is almost absent.

Special Post Script: The producer of ‘Paatal Lok’ is Anushka Sharma and the special appreciation for it had come from none other than her celebrated husband Virat Kohli.


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