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Only Poetry Can Explore and Say

Unknowable Matters and Ultimate One!

Poetry Is The Magic Wand!

I am a poetry man ever as I love it much in my life! Creating poems of choice and desire fulfils heart; doing so, the joy and satisfaction I get are full; whatever things I have done, this is worthy one sure!

My Poetry is the legacy I shall be leaving to world that will surely satisfy all dissatisfied souls ever; the truth and all discoveries I have found out in my philosophical searches I recorded for all to enjoy!

This is my great treat to loved ones who want new Ideas that would satisfy them when they are alone and sad fed up with all sincere efforts they have... taken in world life to have fulfilment in vain...!

Poetry is the magic wand with which I have created all the best things in all in world and life as gift to all!

Poetry, the Crown of Literature!

Poetry is eternal in the world making a poet immortal! Words of Poetry are the lifeblood of its master spirit that absorb all kinds of people by giving solace by their swaying and guiding ideas most reliable than all!

More than history and other records, Poetry only says Truth unknown via general messages of all forms of all kinds of writings yesterday, today and also forever functioning as real Time Machine rather than as story!

Many expressions about Poetry are not enough to say in full scale about its vital necessity, value and its treasure like asset no one can deny, refuse and ignore as no record can reveal reality of world life!

Due to its invaluable necessity to humanity forever, Poetry can be rightly said as crown of literature..!

Words Of Poetry Are The Life Blood That Activates All Ever!

Words of Poetry are the life blood of a master spirit! They live eternally in the book even if the master leaves the body to the other world unknown to all sure!

Poetic words are the force that wakes up the slumbering society to rise against injustice happening in the world and create a new world order that unites all as humans!

Humanity may be silent bearing all the brunt of injustice, but poetic words ever remain alive to inspire and instruct all what to do to live a better human life of love, peace!

The life blood of poetic words are hot with full of spirit that electrifies all to go ahead with new infusion of hot blood to be ever active to achieve ambition of better world!

The life blood of words of Poetry never lies low in a dark box of coffin because there is no death for Poetry ever...!

The Immortal Words of Poetry!

Inspired, ruminative and contemplative thoughts, ideas and feelings in a free way to absorb, provoke thoughts and inspire others are possible only more in poetry than in any other form of literature sure in world!

But surviving, establishing one's name in the world and making a mark in world literature are not within the hand of any poet as that happens naturally when luck only shines on the face of a poet rare sure...!

Due to that kind of constraint in poetry writing, many drop the idea of writing poetry rather than any other kind or form of writing in literature to have a place in that field in the world with joy...!

But the written words of poetry are immortalized to talk about the poet to anyone and everyone forever!

Poetry an Unique Experience of Human Life Ever!

Poetry is incomparable experience of human life in the world sure! Poetry has led to singing of songs with music inspiring all in the world; such an inspiration only can help sure all to have hope and confidence; for all occasions, that gives hope to hopeless and courage to weak!

For the language-less music, Poetry only gives language to sing songs; such songs only give inspiration both in war and peace, joy and sorrow. Whether it is boat race or army march, birthday celebration or tributes to martyrs and national anthem or condolence to dead, it accompanies!

Poetry is intricate part of life and human culture since a long time sure. Poetry provokes force to the weak who has lost all interest in a mission whether it is succeeding to achieve ambition to fulfil a long cherished Dream or hopeless people to fight against foreign invasion to freedom!

Sans Poetry, there is no chance to express the inexpressible matters of Life, world, Nature and Spirit that are impossible to do so by any means!

Natural Poetry is Real Poetry that Covers All!

Definitely Poetry cannot be interpreted in single stroke; but life is incomplete without Poetry sure in the world! Poetry says of one’s inner feelings, thoughts and ideas. Poetry expresses about life, love, romance and fantasy!

Classical Poetry was composed with strict rhythm, rhyme. Romantic Poetry broke all such rules as a revolution then. Modern Poetry has changed all conventions in fast world. New Poetry is written in individual style quite exotic now!

Decorative Poetry is created with alliteration and metaphors. With limited themes of literature artificial Poetry thrives, but natural Poetry is real Poetry that says about ideas, images and feelings about life, world, Nature and spirit as in prose!

Real Poetry only has broad scope for all subjects in one sure. This beautiful to read and lovely to feel natural Poetry is emotionally and intellectually written as simple as prose with full of insights for the whole of humanity forever..!

Featured Poetry Covers All Subjects in One!

A book can be written to say what Poetry is all about; yet, there won't be a finality or definition of Poetry; for, Poetry is the essence of human life in the world; just lines of rhythm and rhymes are not natural Poetry!

A wholesome and complete Poetry can be a featured one. A featured Poetry created with words of profound power emotionally and intellectually expressed in natural style direct from the depths of heart is fine philosophic one!

Modern in style and novel in manner, featured Poetry is indeed one of its kind as it is quite contemplative, ruminative and thought provoking in nature with words flowing in cascades with beginning and end in strength!

Featured Poetry only covers all subjects in one as in an exploration to know the ultimate vicariously by all!

Poetry Does Miracles Forever!

According to rhythm, words are composed to create Poetry. Poetry was old, is new and will be forever in the world..; Poetry is not just to celebrate for one day in the name of World Poetry Day, but to celebrate forever as irreplaceable!

What was not possible is possible and impossible one now will be possible, but everything is possible only in Poetry that no one can deny, if they have been composing poems long due to metaphor, simile and suggestive power through words!

Words are the tool to draw pictures and difficult philosophic truths to the ultimate level quite amazing and satisfying not only to the Poet but also all to ardent readers seeking truth for intellectual pleasure and spiritual satisfaction!

And many more miracles the magical words of Poetry does not in a dry way as other forms of writings but in a romantic way not only amusing and entertaining but also enlightening and guiding the present people and also the posterity sure!

Only Poetry Can Rehabilitate Sure!

Inspired mood to do one's interesting work comes, when time is not apt to do anything upsets one. Likewise important work one gets undone for a longtime making one's life meaningless forever!

Some are placed in such a situation due to odds and obligations coming as hurdles and blockades. Clearing all cobwebs, when time comes to begin one's life work, inspiration and mood disappear!

What can be said about this situation in life? Is it called irony of fate one can't overcome?

Such kinds of thoughts engulf one's mind to make one helpless for want of inspiration apt!

Perhaps at that time only, high inspiring poem of an experienced Poet only can rehabilitate one...!

Poetry Covers All Subjects In One As Philosophy Was Once!

Before lipi and script were created, great ideas are orally composed as poems with rhythm and rhyme then. After script is invented, poems are created with rhythm and rhyme and also in new forms and styles!

Due to expansion of knowledge, philosophy has now branched out into many subjects difficult to know; but Poetry now covers all subjects in one making great philosophical ideas reach even to common men!

As featured poetry, words with profound power have replaced rhythm and rhyme with simplicity as a new form of conversational means to convey ideas of all Subjects under one roof to make all knowledgeable!

Poetry is the only medium suitable to express even inexpressible ideas by any other means forever sure!

Prolific Philosophical Poetry A Précis Writing Of World Human Life!

With a multifaceted approach, once philosophy analyzed all matters to know truth and brought wisdom for all to accept. With the development of intellect, expansion of knowledge produced many branches of subjects from tree of philosophy!

Philosophy that was covering all branches of subjects now mostly covers logic, common sense, scientific analysis to bring out truth as mathematical absolute leaving Poetry now to cover all subjects under one roof to inform all sure!

Poetry is précis writing of the whole book called human life. Poetry covers history, literature, science, philosophy, news, politics, arts, modernity, civilization, culture and Nature in one What others fail to say in a clear brief way ever...!

Poetry has no hard and fast rules to obey saying good bye to rhythm and rhyme, but follows new structure, form, style, substance, sense, sound and depicts picture with words ever using metaphor, similes and so on in a suggestive way well!

Genius Of A Poet Is The Sun!

The adventure of writing Poetry Book lies totally in creativity. Creativity is the spring that flows out water to soil of mind fertile to grow rich crops of ideas to feed all for health ever!

High ideas created in words of each line to a wonderful form is the best composition of a poem and such poems complied in to considerable pages produce great Poetry for all to enjoy!

Eternal spring of ideas created by the mind of Poet is not an easy joke to make but a great adventure to produce each poem of a Poetry Book everyday sans a stop to make continuity possible!

Poetry Book thus produced after a considerable time is the feat of a Poet so to say purely created by the vision and imagination in the form suitable by the talent or genius that shines as Sun!

Genius of a Poet is the Sun that brings light to darkness of world with inspiration and enlightenment for people to take and prosper!

Poets and Poetry!

Poets are rare humans as work of poetry is a great adventure! Only a few lucky poets become prominent to world people despite best, great and noble poets are invisible to the hearts of many;

That's why only a few write a few poems for amusement and go!

Great poetry not only amuses but also inspires ideas to follow! Now surprisingly, many many indulge in poetry writing for fun due to internet facility for worldwide poetry websites making it convenient to say briefly general ideas for sharing with all!

Poetry is adventure in creativity making all indulge in it as there is nothing ever interesting and enthusiastic to do sure. That way, creativity of many are getting chances to show out and share with all in pleasure, satisfaction and pride in the world!

Above all, of all things done in the world, poetry only gives real and fulfillment not possible to achieve for long in life!

Modern Poetry!

Poetry may not make one rich but great;
Great is the poet who writes great sure;
Sure great poet is always rich in words;
Words of poet have profound power ever!

Ever great poetic ideas are rich in meaning;
Meaning of verse is difficult but is truth;
Truth of poetry is beauty all have to know;
Know all only if all are ready to think ever!

Ever from first to last poetry is sublime;
Sublime is the effect of great poetry then;
Then all said ideas of poetry were classic;
Classic is social, moral and intellectual!

Intellectual ideas become simple if romantic;
Romantic ideas gives hope and love to peace;
Peace in words of poetry sways sure all minds;
Minds when swayed by science, it's modern poem!

Ultimate Stage in writing Poetry!

To overcome drowsiness caused by cold problem is difficult, when cold saliva oozes out of nostrils and throat ever...! Only sleep is the best way to minimize cold effect becoming unbearably continuing with cough making to remove saliva often!

That too when a poetry book has to be completed with one or two poems to give fitting end to the book finally after long; but poetry has no end whatsoever but only continuation one after the other just as music, love and art work one tries!

At last after regaining my brightness of mind with a deep nap, I have come to end the book work writing my best ideas on poetry. Poetry is ever inspiring and influencing creative minds of all being in the world I am sure to say with full confidence sure...!

End of a book does not mean end of a long journey in literature one has undertaken to see the ultimate stage in writing poetry!


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Comment Thanks a lot, Mr.R D Ashby

T A Ramesh
05-Jun-2020 00:40 AM

Comment For every poet that has ever lived, it is the poet in me (you) he reveals:

There is thus the poet in each of us
the poet brings out, the credit accorded
the poem to its prime conceptual source;
we have read what the poet has recorded.

(from 'The Poet in Each of Us' by R D Ashby. 24 April 2016)

R D Ashby
04-Jun-2020 12:06 PM

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