The Timeless Lifetime Master

The embodiment of Humanity on Earth is the true master who directs the disciple for the understanding of self and God realization. The ignorance of that darkness can be pierced with that light, only a streak of which is enough to wrap voluminous darkness. Knowledge is baseless unless and until it is founded and grounded by personal experience. What others experience, is a platform for all to learn to believe by experiencing or disbelieving. But the experience that one goes through is real, understandable, explainable, and needs no proof. It becomes an ardent belief like fire that can be a friend or a foe. The warmth can give comfort and energy. The dynamic energy dormant in a bomb cannot be seen and is unexplainable to convince the reality. But it is still an undebatable fact that the bomb explosion can be directed and channelized for constructive or destructive purposes.

Once asked –

- how much time, the minimum do we need to give meditation?’
- Two and a half hours!
- and what would be the maximum?
- Twenty four hours

The clock of life is winding and rewinding itself in rotation of cycles of birth and death. It is only in human birth, a Guru in the human form can help us to understand and direct as to how to free oneself from the shackles of birth and death, and merge in the ocean of peace and tranquility, of which we are apart. Meditation is the only way that can reunite us with that ocean of Mercy. It is the only way out to free self from this world and even our body which is an abode where in the master resides with each one of us, so that while living we could meet him at the point of focus and travel with him with his grace to the levels that can take one to highest Zone.

The foremost need is to sit and sit in his remembrance, fighting with the Mind constantly and trying hard like a soldier, for it is a battle, an endless effort trying to allign the body, the mind and the soul. The Masters grace and with only his grace true sincere and dedicated longing can pierce the wall, and tear apart the veil that separates the Lord from The Seeker. All the dimensions of meditation have to be explored within the honest zeal to know and see the fruits of seed that to we sow as we sit.


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