Celibacy amid Lust

In this era, where relationships are just a pseudonym used for lust of both the parties, where relationship between two opposite sexes start from kissing or sending naked photos (showing private parts) and end in bed which was later named as love, the celibacy is need of an hour. This article will provide you an overall view of celibacy (basically Brahmacharya in Hindu mythology). What is Celibacy?, Why is it necessary? and How to attain it?.

From Hinduism (oldest religion) to Kopimism (newest religion), one of the thing is same in every religion is the importance of Semen(sperms). Nowdays, at this peak time where everyone is full of lust up to the brim, for instance bois or girls locker rooms, every web – series released nowdays (another method of distributing soft-porn), etc., no one know its powers and neither anyone bothers to know what it is and for what purpose it should be used.

College students or upcoming youth are most prone to such materials as access to internet (fulfilled by JIO), gadgets like smartphones and leisure time are the basic requirements and which everyone already have. Once addressing to the students of IIT, Jaggi Vasudeva (Isha Foundation’s Chairman) said that these things (desires) are just a part of life and if you start becoming a part of these things from that day you will start ruining yourselves and you will become a burden on this planet.

The dictionary meaning of celibacy is the state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations, but in hindu mythology you shall practice celibacy even after doing marriage as if you really want to practice celibacy then before marriage, you should live a life of purity ,free from lust and lecherous thoughts towards others, free from sexual desires by focussing only on the goal of your life, and after marriage when your want for childrens shall get satisfied from then you can continue your celibacy . Apart from sexual desires, you should stay loyal towards your female or male counter-part and not indulge into any marital or extra – marital affairs.

There are a lot of scientific research papers backed by a lot of experiments denote that Celibacy shall make your will power indomitable and give you physical and mental strength. A man with focus, determination and will power can turn the world upside down, but reality is far away from this as no one even knows what Celibacy is? or What actual goal of their life is?. Personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Nikole Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi ,etc. were celibates.

At last, a brief discussion is how to attain celibacy and become a celibate in this world full of desires and fantasies, as nowdays gadgets mostly show you such contents that shall not even take a single second and leads you to the Disneyland of Pleasures . The way which will definitely help you is the path of meditation (even adopted by me). Meditation helps you in increasing the strength of your mind, controlling your mind and the most important thing is that it will help you in clearly differentiating between the benevolent and malignant thoughts . If you once got succeed in controlling your mind, then after that day your whole life will get change and you’ll become the most powerful man on the earth. This is just a method on which only your hardwork shall provide you a sweet fruit. Reading good books of spirituality will help you in not letting you defer from your path by keeping your morale high.

Yoga, Yam, Niyam are other methods in which meditation in already imbibed. These three are too long topics and shall not get discussed in brief. Search on Google for this and you’ll get your answer and the last one which is Pranayam, the most important or well known method. By this method too you shall attain Celibacy, but the fact is that you should be determined towards these methods otherwise they will not help you.


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