Sri Ramana Maharishi Revisited

Peace of mind dawns when quest halts.

Quest and feelings are not our original or normal state of mind, is what Indian spirituality says. The Real I or Who is the Observer responsible for the origin of this I who or which gets frustrated, unhappy, happy or like that. Actually that Observer is not Who but Which.

Ramana Maharishi says that Observer is the cine screen on which all frustrations, unhappiness, grief, happiness, pleasant feelings, pleasure, etc., appear and disappear just as various scenes appear and disappear on the cine screen. Throught the running of the cinema screen is present but is not affected by what is going on in the scenes. The screen is present before, during and after the show. And screen is the same way unaffected before, during and after the show.

The Observer is both material and instrumental cause for all creation, the individual, his mind, the appearance and disappearance of the phenomenal world on the mental screen. The energy coming out of the Observer is the source energy for all psychological functions and their cessation. That Observer is instrumental in the sense without that nothing is created and observed. If that screen is present, but projector is absent we can't see, hear, feel and observe anything. That state is the state of switching off of the cine projector.

The cine projector is nothing but our mind. We function mentally in wakeful (Jagrat) and dream (Swapna) conscious states, all mental functions being observed by the Observer unaffected in any way by the goings on in the screen, our mental functions. Just as cine screen holds and allows things happen on it, the Observer observes all happenings unaffected. This is not mere spiritual expression, but the Truth. Observing unaffected by the mental happenings is the conscious state Wakeful Sleep (Jagrat sushupti). Sushupti is cessation of functioning of mind. This is the phase of experience of peace, silence and bliss.

Thus knowingly or unknowingly daily we go through these conscious states of mind, Jagrat, Swapna, Sushupti - deep sleep - observed by the Observer. This is the essence of Upanishadic insight and is the gist of Sri Ramana Maharishi's experience and  expressions.

Just shared. Please go through and contemplate on it. It will be beneficial, with or without our being aware of it.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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