Lessons of Corona Disease!

The Fallen Autumn Leaves!

Like falling Autumn leaves, people are falling dead by Corona disease now not only in hospitals but also in the streets in the busy daytime traffic, as valueless currencies, carcasses are carried away in garbage vans! Yes, humanity loses its value once dead in the material world, where one is praised if one is a hero or soldier or minister or president and so on when in action, but if one falls down dead, one is just a valueless carcass! What one does when alive is remembered and praised as long as beneficial to world men and remembered by all. Once one dies by disease, one is pitied for a while and very soon forgotten as the fallen Autumn leaf in the world! Let the dead be honoured for some deeds done in the world with proper funeral though known or unknown to society!

A Chance to Learn New Way of Life!

Rain every night gives solace for Summer heat sure; but there is no relief from the pandemic Corona still; self cleanliness and sanitation prevent from infection; curfew and lockdown have paralyzed human activities! People wonder when change will come for normal life. Already people feel the ineffectiveness of freedom. Now Corona adds fuel to fire to be devoid of freedom; if this continues long, all will be fed up of life! Diseaseless healthy life only can give true freedom. Individual and social lives of all are isolated now to escape from infection to live a new sort of life. That's a challenge for all to face and be successful! This sort of isolated life makes all think much of us and gives opportunity to learn and overcome desolation!

Like Cyclone Corona Damages One’s Organs to Death!

Corona is the harbinger of Death no one can escape sure! Even after recovery. one cannot escape from the consequence that one has to encounter in the form of lung transplantation or kidney failure and heart attack due to thickening of blood or drying of skin leading to pealing with tears..! Corona works like a cyclonic storm with circumference and eye at the centre that affects the shore with the crossing of circumference with devastation leading to calmness, when eye region is over land only to be surely followed by tail end of circumference closing storm with final damage to shore and interior of lands as its grand end of havoc like patients treated at first in hospital and sent home with some relief only to meet with after effects like kidney or heart or lung problem to death!

Only Flying Kiss for Love Now!

Reciprocation of words of love is possible between lovers. Kiss is the response to words of love among humans ever. I had only flying kiss from my favourite one longtime ago; but even if we meet in Corona time, only flying kiss is now! Lovers or not, no touching, hugging, hand shaking and kissing now are possible, even if we are willing out of love in world. What a pity for the supporters of love and lovers true now in the Corona time being separated and isolated everywhere! Most of the time engaged with competitive works in the modern world, there was no time for dream or think about love for long. Now, when isolated from all and dreams of love come often, it is a great punishment for lovers of past to crave for union! It is fate that has sent its agent Corona to punish all with separation from loved ones far or near to realize what is love!

Abuse of Nature Led to Woe of World!

Colourful flowers are unique beauty to enjoy in Nature;
Nature in that fashion inspires poets, artists, philosophers;
Philosophers and scientists have achieved so many things;
Things beneficial to mankind help much to progress ever!

Ever selfless works are done out of inspiration from Nature;
Nature inspires both good and bad in the world by its love;
Love has become rare due to its goodness that bad ones exploit;
Exploitation of natural resources for selfish gain is sad!

Sad state of Nature by more bad ones has led to disasters;
Disasters from Nature is unbearable now to coup with sure;
Sure cyclones, floods and earthquakes make all feel mistakes;
Mistakes are manmade now by reactions from Nature all suffer!

Suffer also all by new diseases sans medicines not ready in hand
Handling it immediately make all blame lack of cleanliness sure;
Sure it's all due to developments sans caring pollution is woe;
Woe of world can be changed by realization and redemption only!

History needs to be analyzed for Right Resolution!

Now the world is going on a difficult phase everywhere;
Everywhere the concern of all is Corona viral disease;
Disease of this kind in new as its worldwide effect is;
Is it going to kill whole of humankind for new species?

Species new perhaps natural evolution may be trying now;
Now world is reeling under terrorism, pollution, illness;
Illness once goes away, it will look like illusion here;
Here past history is incredible, but that had happened!

Happened things have given lesson for change all know;
Known matters are over and is why new disease is reminder;
Reminder needs to be analyzed for answer to follow new ideas;
Ideas are needed to have correct way to go ahead for better!

Better days may be ahead for all to rely on by good faith;
Faith on right resolution only can provide redemption now!

Developments Providing Natural Freedom and Joy are Real Progress!

Globalized economy has made it easy for globalized disease;
Disease spread everywhere by Corona virus causes many deaths;
Deaths of victims give the impression of the end of world;
World life is in jeopardy due to wrong system of progress!

Progress of economy at the cost of social health and life,
Life of whole humanity has become a question mark now sure;
Sure simple living and free happy life are mark of progress;
Progress for what is important when we see lives in Nature!

Nature provides food and freedom for birds and animals ever;
Ever they live in freedom and joy enjoying music of birds;
Birds' life is real symbol of freedom man longs to live here;
Here that happiness in society is real mark of progress true!

True progress lies in developments in everything in life;
Life of such a progress only can provide real freedom, joy!


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