The Path of Unconditional Love

We have to go back from where we came from, the source. We are visitors here in this world and have to return back to the Creator. The dust goes to dust, rays go to the Sun. We have to do nothing, but to follow the set path of the Creator who has set it for each one of us.

The master wants us not as disciples but as friends walking with him hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. He wants us to be in his company all time. We don't have to be calculative or await reward. Why don't we see mortality, people dying, going where nothing awaits them . He is promising immortality.

Death is dust and this is what we become. We are looking for peace and it is amazing, we have not yet begun to understand the difference between liberty and slavery. It is only through meditation that we become strong to break the bars that imprison us. Even if you made it with intellectual base, we still believe truth. That's good enough. Love and belief build with internal experience and meditation helps to know self better to reunite with the Lord as a true friend, savior and a real shelter for the soul. But at a spot we have to seize intellect or it becomes a hindrance in the ongoing journey of self-realization to God-realization.

The focus is to go within, setting aside everything relating to the world that creates hindrance. The fancies of the Mind only delude towards the world, they need to be governed. The best option is to work on them when there are less distractions, for which the calm and comfort zone dawn is appropriate. The priority has to be clear. If it is still meant to be connected to the world, there is nothing left for diversion. Mechanical methods of meditation without diversion don’t help much.

Life is worth with the love of God as the pivoting point.

All preferences have to be given to love, develop love, like a parrot as he does for his cage. Life is made meaningful with his love sought through constant remembrance. If you love Him then think of Him when in sleep or when awake.

As a new seeker and a foolish pursuer we may have a query to show us the new kingdom of God as one priest asked the master’ - what is wrong with the Old Kingdom of God?’ Came the answer, ‘The Old Kingdom established by the Creator will never change. We have to change ourselves by putting blinders on and try less to know about the rigid disciplines of the doctrines of God.’ Merge in oneness, look for likeness and not differences. Replace anger by forgiveness, pride by humility, cleanse the insight by seeing good, thinking Good, and doing Good.


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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