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5 Rules for Writing a Perfect Essay
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Writing an essay does not have to be a challenging experience, as you might believe. Once you know the basics and what is expected when writing a perfect essay, the process will be easier. You can be sure that you will deliver quality writing. Below are some of the tips you should keep in mind.

Read the essay prompt and understand the question.

Before you start, you should know what you are writing about. Ask yourself, what are the expected deliverables, and how to achieve it? Every assignment is different with specific instructions. The only way to write a perfect essay is to understand the assignment prompt and the questions. The instructions can guide you on the required structure, or the type of sources that you need to use. The assignment prompt will also guide you about the required format and the number of words you have to deliver. You can note the critical aspects of the topic so that it is easier to determine the expectations. You might also have to review the instructions several times so that everything is clear and refer to them while working on the final product. The assignment prompt should also include a making rubric. This can help you gauge how to get the full points. Once you have understood the instructions, the next steps of the process will be more manageable. Sometimes the instructions might not be clear, or in other instances, you might be missing some information. In that case, online writing help can be useful. It is a good option if you need professional help to determine what the subject means, and you can also buy the completed assignment.

Pick a topic

The next step before you start writing is choosing a topic. When you start writing essays, you will get a topic or selection of topics to choose from. But, as you advance, you start getting more opportunities to pick the topics of your papers. When choosing a topic, make sure it is something that you want to write about. It should also align with the requirements of the instructions. If you want to write an argumentative paper, find a topic suitable for the specific kind of research. For instance, you could choose an issue like "euthanasia" for an argumentative paper. If you are supposed to write a comparison and contrast paper, then the theme will have to include two variables that you want to write about. You can also get help with writing the paper based on a specific topic if you have difficulties putting your thoughts into paper. The purpose of the research is an essential factor when selecting a topic. The most common types of research papers include:

  • Argumentative – analysis and presents the information based on several parts to the reader.
  • Expository - explains a concept.
  • Analytical -makes a specific claim about a subject.

It would be best if you avoided subjects that lack enough information or are too complicated. You can also choose several topics during the start, and then narrow down to the specific topic you want.

Prepare an outline of your main ideas

Once you have the main idea, you can prepare an outline to list the major points that you intend to include in the final research. The outline contains different elements. This includes:

  • Thesis
  • Conclusion
  • Topic sentences
  • Significant or supportive points

The thesis statement will act as a brief description of the aims of the research, and the major issues that you will cover in the final paper. It would be best if you also restated it again in conclusion. The outline can be a simple rough draft that lists the information. This relies on whether you will be presenting them in the first, second, or third paragraphs. You need to have a functional diagram of your ideas before you start the assignment. There are many skilled researchers from custom essay writing who can help you come up with an outline. They will prove beneficial when you do not have enough time to research and need a good outline to start you off. Once the outline is complete, you can make the first draft of the paper. It entails filling the outlines with more information. Each paragraph needs to be five or more sentences.


Once the draft is ready, read through it several times and proofread it. You should check for common errors such as grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Also, check that the essay follows the instructions, and this means it meets the format and word count. You should ensure that the paper flows well and that there is a connection between each paragraph. It should also be free from plagiarism, and ensure you include in-text citations for all references. Delete unnecessary words or sentences, and check that you have used the correct phrases that make sense. The entire paper needs coherence and unity. Each example and detail should develop in a logical manner while referring back to the original aim. Make sure you have the required points to support your perspective. Also, remember that the conclusion can act as a good summary of what the research work has covered. Once the checks are complete, you can complete the final paper on time.

Ask for help from experts

If you need professional work, then you have to ask for help from experts. You can get writing help online from experts who follow the writing rules. A good option is cheap essay writing services. The company is a leading academic research service worldwide. You can get help from experts skilled in different fields and who also offer services at reasonable rates. The writers are from America, Canada, and the UK, so you can get a guarantee that the essay will be professional work. If you hire a writer, you get customized essays from native English-speaking writers. You also need to get help if you have a busy lifestyle, and you do not have to write the paper. Strict deadlines and complicated topics should not worry about you. 

To sum up, there are five general rules that you have to consider if you want to write a perfect paper. Even though the process can seem confusing, there are many ways to write a paper. Besides using expert help, you can go through various stages during the writing process. This means reading the instructions, choosing a topic, coming up with an outline, and then writing the paper.

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