Six Ways to Keep Your Mental Sanity

During the Pandemic

The Covid19 pandemic is unlike anything we have experienced so far and while our mind is busy creating a list of worst “what-if” scenarios, it is important to pause and reflect – Are we losing our mind?

We sapiens love controlling things and when things look unpredictable, we tend to become anxious. According to psychologists, this makes complete sense since we are wired this way. The human brain looks for patterns and here we have none! The uncertainty signals a threat to the nervous system and activates the flight or fight response. Almost everything is uncertain and our minds are flooded with questions like “When will this situation end?”, “What if I lose my job?”, “What if it takes years for a vaccine?”, “How will I repay my loan if I am fired ?”, “How will I ensure my family is safe from this virus”, etc. etc. While there are many speculations, but we are certain of one thing which is this virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Given all the above legitimate questions, what we really need to do is accept this reality and take charge of our lives? Identify situations under our control and prepare for things that are not! Here are 6 ways to keep your mental sanity during the lockdown:

Routine – Maintain a proper routine; get up on time and sleep on time. If you are working, work sincerely during the official work hours and spend the rest of the time with family.

Exercise – Allocate some time for exercise in your daily routine. Mental health is connected to your physical health. “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Go out for a small walk, get some fresh air, keep yourself fit!

Meditation – This is one of the most crucial and needed activity during these times. Meditation is not easy and takes months to observe significant benefits out of it. However, you will instantly feel calmer and more focused with only 10 mins of your time each day. There are different ways of meditation that you can explore and practice.

Self-development – This is probably the best time to learn what you always wanted to, but never found time. Learn a musical instrument, write blogs, paint, dance, code – do anything you enjoy! This is also the right time to upskill yourself at work by learning and becoming an expert in your field!

Nutrition – Most of us are stocking up on packaged foods since they last longer and provide an easy option to satisfy hunger. Packaged foods like chips, snacks, canned juices, cola, etc. have a high amount of salt, sugar, and preservatives which are not healthy for your heart and health. Avoid packaged foods as much as you can and try choosing healthier alternatives!

Connect – Talking to your loved ones over the phone or video calls is one of the best ways to release stress. So, if you feel anxious, talk to your friends and family more often

While we already know about the suggested activities, it is important to incorporate these into our lives. We need to accept this situation and use it for our betterment. We cannot escape the inevitable and though we think about a lot of worst “what-if” scenarios, let’s not forget that this is also an opportunity to grow, spend time with family and focus on self-development.

Originally written June 4, 2020


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