Men Should Share Household Chores

Is it not the duty of men to share their household chores in their spare time?

People have been staying in their homes for months due to the Corona epidemic. Today, due to lack of work and loneliness at home, the feeling of sadness is having a direct impact on people's mental health. Some research institutes are saying that this is having a direct effect on men, while some are saying that women are suffering more due to mental defects nowadays, due to the closure of the house of all the members of the house and work on them first Is doubling, she is also worried about the future of her male partner's work. I liked the second perspective more than the first, and perhaps the same is true.

This country has called women like goddesses.
Never met him, only his place.
Always do praise in scripture, posters.
But sometimes we are at home, do not ask for attention.

Even so why not?  If we look at developed and developing countries, men everywhere consider the task of handing over the responsibility of household work and children to women. Even in developed countries, this dominance of men over women in high positions, is apparent. And when everyone is locked in the house due to Corona, the burden of this responsibility on women is bound to come. Although thinking has changed, men have assumed gender equality; But when it comes to kitchen work and taking care of the children, then the "Sahibzadas" do not like this. The man inside them rises somewhere and suffers the consequences, whether the woman in that house is illiterate or an officer.

The matter is about the mental health of women due to Corona, yes; Workload has increased in every household, due to which the burden of women and physical work has increased on women. The main reason for this is the domination of men in the twenty-first century. Even today, in all the countries of the world, it is believed that even if a woman does outdoor work with great vigor, she is made for domestic work; This is the thinking that is mentally harassing women today.

Home-lanes or jobs, these sufferings.
Even in the mind of a man, the feelings of mystery are filled.
The woman is Narayani, the incarnation of Goddess.
Everyone listens to what is said, who hears the call.

Is it not the duty of men to share their household chores in their spare time? Scientific researches have never told that men will do this work and these women. The truth is that this difference comes from society and family. From the beginning, it is understood to associate the pride of the family with the name of the boys and is called the future head, while the girls are considered to be cremated when they are skilled in household chores. Girls are explained that a good man is considered to be good only when he is skilled in household chores.

Social thinker Tony Parker has said that this masculinity is given to boys in such a way that their masculinity continues to dominate women throughout their lives and girls continue to grind in stove-chores all their lives, working women. The same situation exists in every country in the world. Giving (langik) gender equality and beating the drum and liberating from the mindset of masculinity are two ends. If we have to do them, then men have to understand that when women can get out of the house and not only equal to men, they can also earn more than they can handle the house, then can they not share their hands in household work with right understanding and attitude? More than excellence outside, housework must be recognized and appreciated above every other work.

The modern man of today must raise his hands of equality instead of defining equality. Only then will the woman achieve true equality. In this dreadful time of Corona, see what a woman works at home all day and what dreams she weaves for the convenience of her husband and the future of her children. Work hard throughout the day and while sleeping, deliberately stresses her psyche. We must awaken to this fact and give due respect and appreciation to the women - at home or at work.  Only then will this disease go and there will be a wave of happiness in every house. So far, no tangible improvement of women is visible in society.

There are only laws, women's rights ...
Women also have their own identity.
Friend be this man, full respect.

Both, men and women, should shed their complexes and work earnestly towards gender equality.  Only then genuine respect and reverence of each other's self-esteem and individuality will be cherished in a dignified manner.



More by :  Dr. Satyavan Saurabh

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