Dr. Zhivago

Cheryl was the apple of her mother’s eye. She was a young girl, around seven or eight years old.  One day, she came running to her mother. She wore a contorted visage. The face of the child appeared as complex as the story line of ‘Dr Zhivago’*. 

The mother felt that her child was about to burst into tears. She expected Cheryl to cry but the little one did not even try. She asked her daughter, “My dear, is anything amiss?” Her intelligent daughter gave her statement a miss. The mother asked her daughter, if she was feeling sad or fearful. She then asked Cheryl if the latter was in a foul mood. Notwithstanding, her mother’s cajoling, Cheryl maintained an uneasy calm about her.

There seemed to be an eerie silence occupying the space between the duo of mother and daughter.  The mother did not give up. She continued to bombard her child with questions. “Are you not feeling well, my dear flower? Does not my sweet bower wish to speak to me?” asked Sunana, the mother.

The mother was beginning to feel very worried. She recalled a large number of horrific instances of child abuse, which had been recently reported on the national media.  The mother leaned closer to her child and spoke in a whisper. “Tell me, Cheryl, what is bothering you?” The child came closer to her mother. Fixing her needle eyes on her mother, she said in an eager voice, “Mama, will you stitch a frock for my doll?’ Her mother looked stunned, for a minute. She then got hold of the chair, nearest to her. She collapsed into it, happily.

As she looked at her daughter, she realised that the latter still had her contorted face, intact. It was the same complex face; as complex as ‘Dr. Zhivago’.

*Dr. Zhivago, as we all know is the protagonist of the famous novel, ‘Dr. Zhivago’ by Nobel laureate, Boris Pasternak. It is a long book; quite picturesque and a bit difficult to follow.


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Comment Life Sans Love and Laughter is a Dream!
June full Moon shines beautifully behind thin blanket of clouds kindling romance;
But Corona spell has made all close doors and lights in darkness in town;
Sans love and laughter, life is worthless to live healthy life in the world;
Sans music, dance and songs, how can love be strong to rule everywhere?

Love blooming in the gardens of Eden has not disappeared in hearts of all;
The joyful moments of love with all having wonderful time on green meadows
How can all so soon disappear in the dreams of Nature lovers of human world?
Romantic love only can revive passion of love to be alive ever in human souls!

Modern world life has forgotten all those precious thoughts and dreams;
Is it just a tall told by an idiot with full of sound and fury signifying nothing?
No, man is a quintessence of precious dust as per the view of Shakespeare,
Yet, life goes on with all romance as happening in a dream rounded off in sleep!

Sans dream even, only songs of "somewhere my love, there will be songs to sing"
And "love story, where will I begin?" with sadness ever will be echoing in all hearts!

T A Ramesh
25-Jun-2021 01:50 AM

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