Misadventure During the Pandemic

This story is written by Vibhu Aditya, the grandson of the author

Every day after coming home from school I used to go to the park and play with my friends. But with the advent of the pandemic all that changed. I could no longer go out of the house. There has been introduced a lock down. It all started after the Prime Minister’s speech on TV. Everyone in the house - myself, my father, my mother, my grand father and grand mother all stayed indoors. The maid who used to come to our house stopped coming.

All the time I would stay indoors. All play was that of indoor games. I played caroms, cards, chess, indoor cricket and indoor badminton with my grandfather. Then the online classes also started. The classes used to start at 8.50 in the morning. Then it was time for the prayer song and the National Anthem. After that the classes started in earnest. Mathematics, English, Hindi, French, Environment Studies, Music, etc., etc. - the classes went on till it was time for lunch. With lunch there came relief from the classes and indoor games followed. I longed for the days when I could go out to the park and play.

One night after dinner a mischievous idea came to me. Let me just go out and get some fresh air. I opened the main door and walked out. Soon I was on the road. It was night time and there was no one on the street. I walked on and on. Then I saw two people coming. They asked me where I was going. I had no answer. I trembled and stood still. They pulled me by their hands and took me to their house. I cried aloud. But no one came to my rescue.

Next day morning the two men went to the market. They took me along with them. In the market they stopped near a vegetable seller to buy vegetables. I thought this was the right time to escape. I started running very fast. A little while later I saw a policeman. I told the police man about my plight. The police man asked me the address where I stayed. I could give the policeman a rough idea of my home address. 

The policeman took me to my home and left me back with my parents with a warning never to repeat my adventure. My parents and grand parents were very happy to have me back. I was also happy to be back home. The police tried their best to catch the two people who had taken me away. But they met with no success.


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Comment This story was written jointly by me and Vibhu. The first half of the story is the true reality about Vibhu to which he has contributed. I gave a dramatic twist to the story in the second half of it to make it sound interesting.

P V Rajeev
15-Aug-2020 08:06 AM

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