A Celebration of the Birthday of Lord Vinayaka!

All things have come from various destinations - Fruits, flowers, incense sticks, camphor and all! A newly moulded deity, Ganesha is ready now; decoration has to be done to start pooja next...! Maize, sugarcane, green grass, pears and sweets and all favourite foods of Lord Ganesha are ready! Sumptuously eating all, prominent deity basks long over knowledge of all subjects to erudition in youth! Nothing can tease Him, nor can He be sensualized as He is born for saving all gods from powerful giant in the legendary age, says ancient story of mythology and since then on He is saluted before all works ever!

Even trouble making Saturn supposed to cast spell over all beings to suffer before bestowing benefits could not do anything with Him as with Anjaneya! wisdom He has to tackle all matters to His success!

His conical shaped sandal paste is kept before all Yagna along with Navagraha and Lakshminarayana for making all sacrifices in the holy fire, only way to transport all in spiritual state to all pervading one! Such a deity's birthday is festival of Ganesh Chaturthi all over the nation all celebrate respecting brotherhood! Believers and non-believers to enjoy this fun of union forgetting the religions they belong indulge in celebration!

Wise God Ganesha!

Is Vinayaka elder or younger brother of Lord Kumara ?
In the North, He is the younger brother to Lord Kumara;
In the South, Vinayaka is the elder son to Siva snd Sakti;
Answer lies in the crisis created by divine sage Naratha!

Naratha gave a mango fruit to the family of Siva and Sakti;
They were confused to who mango has to be given among sons;
They decided to have a competition between Ganesha and Kumara;
It was it would be given to one who goes round Universe first!

Immediately after the announcement, Kumara flies on his peacock;
But Ganesha thinks, goes round Siva and Sakti and stands before
Them telling I have finished first in the contest and when asked
For His explanation He says parents represent the whole Universe!

In the temple, people go round the deity's sannathi as a mark
Of going round the deity itself and that is what Ganesha did;
Appreciating His wisdom, Ganesha is given the mango as prize;
Seeing this, when Kumara returned did not accept and got angry!

Seeing this, wise Ganesha gives the mango to Kumara to pacify;
But Kumara being knowledgeable and beautiful quits family and
Becomes a sage sitting on a hill called Pazhani, where Poetess
Avvai comes, pacifies and unites the family of Siva and Sakti!

Later the divine hearted Ganesha helps Kumra get the hand of
Loving Valli and conducts the marriage of Kumara and Valli;
There after for all the success of any work and marriages,
All pray Lord Ganesha first and then only start all affairs!

Ganesh Chadurthi!

Plenty of festivals in India engage people all round the year. Ganesh chaturthi, being the savior of Gods, is a grand one! Craftsmen carve many artistic statues out of clay or chalk that rejoice everyone in the festival by its divine attraction!

Sage Vyasa appointed Vinayaka to write Mahabharata. Bluntless needle was needed to write on dry palm leaves. So, Ganesha broke his own right tusk for the divine duty and wrote the narration of divine Vyasa non-stop then!

God is everywhere and everyone in the world and Universe! Lord Ganesh is the symbol of animal, man and God in one. Vinayaka worshipped before any deed leads to victory always and human life also goes well if elephant culture is followed!

The worship of Elephant God all over the world fascinates all when facts about the love of elephant by all are in the affirmative! The calm, steady pace and majestic look of the gentle giant reflected by the statues of Ganesh inspires awe to worship Him!

A Myth of Lord Vinayaka !

Knowledge and wisdom are together personified as one Lord Vinayaka or Ganesha in legendary Hindu mythology. Knowledge alone is not enough to decide about anything to achieve ever sans justification by wisdom for all! Such a God with elephant head and gigantic human body has a divinity of its own unique to worship by all before starting any work or embarking on great venture to do all well with success for the well being of all!

It is similar to the Roman God called Janus with two heads seeing forward and backward denotes wisdom like Lord Vinayaka of India trusted that with belief and faith if He is worshiped, impossible problem is solved! Naturally, celebration of Lord Ganesha is worth doing to be successful in solving all our difficult problems!


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