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Dreams, Ideas and Realities All have to Know!

Great geniuses express life thoughts in literature. Men comment or criticize as to their experiences.  “Is human life a great mystery?” lingers a question. Varying views of men may give some clue perhaps!

One says: human life is a great drama!
Another one: it’s a dream rounded off with a sleep!
Another one: it is a tale told by an idiot!
Another one: it’s a journey sans a destiny!
And anther one: it is not a bed of roses!

Some live a life of achievement to get honour;
Some live a life of isolation relinquishing all.

Some like indolent way of life;
Some like tolerant way of life;
Some like intellectual type of life;
Some like spiritual type of life;
Some like sentimental type of life;
And some like simple type of life!

Dreams, Ideas and Realities

There is so much longing for living life in this land of love and life called Earth!  With the sky above and the land below man lives lifelong in between the two. Between dream and reality, man swings to and fro throughout his life here. What was a great dream yesterday has become a reality today by his ideas!  So also what is impossible will be possible tomorrow by new Ideas!

A Drama of our Life is a Dream!

The life between birth and death looks like a dream!
Like in a dream our life activities go on in the world
Stage as it happens in a drama and when the screen
Comes down we have an eternal sleep which is death!

What we say and do are happening as the actors say
On a drama stage for the audience or society to see
And critically appraise the merits of our acts in life
Which finally talks about us after we eternally sleep!

Our drama like life is a dream happening in a sleep
And the sleep is the daily training for us to face real
Death one day and coolly leave this world in good
Silence full of satisfaction of what we have done ever!

Our life is a big dream we are enacting as in a drama
Which is rounded off with deep sleep called death later!

Life is A Dream!

All reality of past becomes dreams in the present;
Incidences of present will become history later;
And imagination of future is new dreams of life;
As long as we are living, our life is live show!

Once they all become stories and poems in literature,
All read, learn, comment and criticize thereafter;
This is how life is going on in the world since long;
Dreams and realities are alternating in our life ever!

Dreams and ideas, ideas and realities may come true
And may not also come true, but they all continue
Forever as dreams, ideas and realties long as we are
Living in the world full of beauty, romance and love!

This life is not only joyful, but also sorrowful;
But they all become dreams once the show is over!

Dream in Life to Do Best!

Waking from sleep after a good dream
Dreams of many kind I think about much!
Much pleasure dreams give to be great...;
Great dreamers are great leaders too....!

Too much of any one thing is surely not good;
Good mood creates better things in variety!
Variety is the spice of life just as humour....;
Humour creates interest to do better ever!

Every one cannot stop breathing new ideas;
Ideas are very important to realise dreams!
Dreaming only rejuvenates spirit to go ahead
Ahead of others knowing anything better...!

Better late than never to try best ideas in life....;
Life is for living loving best things to do best ever!

Dreams, Ideas and Realities All have to Know - I

Dreams, Ideas

Today’s ideas help to translate yesterday’s dreams into tomorrow’s realities!
So, dream, dream and dream intellectually, intuitionally and interestingly!
Dreams are common for all whatever be one’s status in the world’s life;
But without a dream there cannot be a person to quote from world’s history!

Dreams, visions inspire new ideas to feel, think and do remarkable things!
Intellectual knowledge gives visions of prophetic ideas to have ambition
That drives to do all works to convert dreams into achievements in life!
So it’s fine knowledge, vision, ambition and achievement forming life’s base!

Nothing can be achieved with the microscopic view of one’s desire
But many things can be achieved with the telescopic view of things!
Things to be done are undone due to the enlargement of vainful dreams;
Also precious things remain undone due to undiscovered dreams too!

Till the pot light becomes the lighthouse light world cannot know it!
Like the town in the trough that cannot enjoy the sea breeze of the crest
The hidden treasures of the deep sea cannot see the light unless unearthed!
So also, unrevealed dreams cannot provoke ideas to translate into realities!

Previously sword ruled, but now ideas rule the world of man;
Ideas are all for man with the mind yesterday, today and forever!
Without ideas nothing can be known, thought, said and done here!
So, dreams, ideas and realities are the trio that cannot be separated.

Artistic ideas are the causes behind the beautiful creations of arts!
Scientific ideas are the causes behind the inventions of new machines!
The fruits of labour enjoyed are due to the implementation of ideas,
Without which no dreams can be achieved in any field in the world.

Social realities differ from the constitutional rights of the people;
Conventions and politics restrict much social freedom to everyone;
Taboos delete the dreams of a bright future or the ideas of better world
That intelligentsia should deal wisely to make all dreams come true!

Reality reveals the fact that life is not a bed of roses for all in the world;
Sense of beauty, truth and goodness should guide to face realities of life;
Dreams, visions and good sense have to give hope to pull on the days;
And freedom, culture and love only can help society to dream of a better tomorrow!

Actually man lives two lives in this wonderful world!
One for his survival here and one for his dreams in life!
To fulfill his dreams man suffers in and enjoys life here!
For getting ideas he makes use of his transactions with others!

The source of ideas for great achievements man seeks the help of Nature
As Nature is the friend, philosopher and guide for artists and scientists.
Nature is also the living scientific art for everyone in the human world as
It is the model creation of God for man to follow in the ups and downs of life.

Dreams, Ideas and Realities All have to Know - II

Nature, Culture

Nature is the body of God, whose spirit dwells everywhere
In love, beauty, fury, fun, sorrow, sound and silence too!
This knowledge of the Almighty gives real power to man!
To acquire this power Nature is the only source for man!

Being a part of Nature man believes to be a separate entity
And successfully exploring things he tries to excel Nature!
So, can the part after exploiting it excel Nature anytime?
No, it won’t be possible and never at all today or tomorrow!

This reality man has to realise before knowing the ultimate reality;
This by observation and meditation anyone can feel and realise.
Though knows his surroundings, man knows nothing about his soul!
Though powerful man does not have control over his self or soul!

He can’t avert old age, remain young ever and overcome death!
Though walks, swims, talks and smiles man cannot fly like
The birds fly freely and enjoy freedom in the sky round the world!
Due to limitations man is not perfect and can’t be permanent here!

What an enigma man is though powerful has no control over his fate!
He is born free, yet helpless because of his limitations by birth!
The time between birth and death is the life man lives in the world;
In this unsure condition his wisdom lies in how best can he live here!

Due to this reality dreams and ideas are common in human life.
The cultured way of living is the wise way of living for man.
The dream of creating one world by culture is the best idea now
He has to implement with everyone’s cooperation to make life divine.

Experience and knowledge give wise system to live divine life
In love with good manners and morality called human culture
That includes love of Nature, music and books on humanism
Aiming perfection and permanence in thoughts, words and deeds.

Divine life is the dream of man to make human world a heaven.
Religion may make a cultured man a divine being in the world
But culture only converts a brute into a human being here, for,
Culture teaches tolerance, hospitality and unity in diversity!

In his search to overcome fear and limitations man discovered spirit;
Also discovered only in spiritual state can he achieve real liberation!
Only in full freedom can one enjoy peaceful happiness called bliss
That he explores in friendship, love, art, Nature and God in the world.

Dreams, Ideas and Realities All have to Know - III

Spirit, Ultimate Reality

Emotional pleasure man enjoys with woman is not a lasting one;
Intellectual pleasure man enjoys in art or philosophy is not lively;
Aesthetic pleasure man enjoys in beauty is also not always possible;
Spiritual pleasure man enjoys in Nature is really lively and divine one.

Will of God is nothing but Law of Nature nobody can forget or ignore;
Life of man will be life of pleasure if life is lived in line with Nature!
The spirit of man is just a part of the Universal Spirit existing everywhere
Whose presence can be identified by the active Sun, Stars, Nature we see.

Things both animate and inanimate are made up of five elements, know!
The unique thing of man is that he is also composed of them in a small scale!
Due to Big Bang Universe with all Stars, planets, animals and man have come;
As began the expanding Universe in a cycle will contract to nothing one day!

But for the evolution of spirit after the coming of man nothing evolves.
The shape of man is modeled out of the things we see everywhere;
But the all pervading spirit of apparent nothingness present within man too
Impels everything everywhere to function according to the Laws of Nature.

The starting point, by evolution, could be the ending point too for all!
So, man’s dream would be the successful reaching of the soul to that end,
The state of liberation, the state of nothingness or the ultimate truth which
He has to achieve with his mind that unites the inner world with the outer!

Man knows all from Nature by meditation and materialises by mysticism;
Such a nature how can man neglect sometime and suffer unnecessarily in gloom?
So, I wish all enjoy the dream of Nature while awake or asleep in meditation
To get wonderful ideas in order to materialise them in eternal bliss!


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