Ages Old Pandemic

A few years back a drug racket was busted in Hyderabad and many celebrities' names were associated with it. What further actions were taken in that case will not be known to public. It died a natural death it seems.

Now in Mumbai and Bangla and the case is revolving around celebrities.

It seems all celebrate find consuming drugs is an inevitable high society act.

Like liquor and gambling, drugs have been part of civilisations through centuries. Drugs consumption and liquor taking together with gambling and promiscuous man-woman relations seem to be high society pastime.

But only problem is till our near and dear don't fall to these vices, it is immaterial for us. But the exposure our children are having, the habit will surely consume them.

The society has diluted education system and more non-academic activities are going on campuses, even starting from schools. One of the chief reasons for this malady is amassing illegal and illicit money by the parents and the individuals themselves. This pandemic is ages old.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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