Civic Sense…Not the Indian Sense?

The landscape as painted by nature, or the landmarks raised by history or the grounds erected by science -they all tell a story of glamour lost in men's dirty plunder.

Be it the frolicking beaches, or the stretching streets, or the public walls, one fails not to see and smell the 'Disposal channels'. Welcoming you with its obnoxious odor, penetrating through the most numb of olfactory nerves, and souring the eyes with its grotesque naked appearance - I would call them the vein-wracking drains.

These un-handled wastes have become a prominent feature at every second ridge (theoretically speaking) of the Indian map, sparing a few virgin quarters -God save them!

Moreover, as man competes to increase his lot, the twin rivals – Poverty and Illiteracy are well set against their progenitor. It's clearly understandable that where poverty lurks and illiteracy proliferates, the sense of cleanliness (personal or public) fails to get the spotlight – Family planning and other noble initiatives still await mass-acceptance.

The problems as stated above do not eclipse the minor responsibilities of the citizens. Undeniably, they observe public hygiene, and their social well-bred -ness prohibits them from giving a road show to the calls of their GUT. But they litter in their 'wandering spirit'. In the process, 'shreds of detachment' (in the form of skinned fruits and vegetables, tatters etc) and 'slush of sentiments' (squeezed lemons, watermelons and many more), find their way out in the open. 

Consequence – Roads and pavements become the 'alimentary canal' in hyperactivity. 

Some state Governments in a sincere attempt to combat this problem have tried to give it the 'International Onyx treatment'. Bins in green uniform and apron-ed personnel do their daily job of collection. But in spite of these efforts garbage is seen free flowing. Does this looming shadow, shadow all possible solutions?

No. 'Mt Garbage' may stand mighty but it's not invincible.

Strict rules and regulations, un-politicized and a model role by educated citizens like us, will lead to its collapse /downfall, giving nature the much wanted Refresh!


More by :  Uma Parthasarathy

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