My Poetic Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi!

All over the world, many nations are installing statues of Mahatma Gandhi in his memory to honour and respect for his great achievement for nonviolence and peace!  Even England is going to release gold coins of his image soon! The great physicist Albert Einstein has wondered with incredible mind that a soul with flesh, bone and blood walked on our Earth! In this precarious world prone to terrorism, violence and wars endless for some cause and reason, seeing a personality as Mahatma Gandhi is indeed 100% impossible! I too in a humble way pay my tribute to my most faourite leader ever, Mahatma Gandhi here!

Nonviolence and Tolerance!

Sans the struggles and sacrifices of Indians, Pakistan won't be there now!
India got independence due to nonviolence movement of M K Gandhi;
Pakistan got independence due to Gandhi's selection of choice so then!

Truth, nonviolence and justice were the shield that helped Gandhi sure
Achieve his goal of freedom for India by democratic resistance forever!
Due to his long fasting for demands of India, alertness is on everyone
Seeking the wise messages of great leaders suitable even today I am sure!

His smiling face on currency notes are a warning against corruption
That has retarded progress and is driving India to fight against Pakistan
To bring peace, art and fruits many love in their hearts very much long,
Though they are supposed to create novelty in arts that bring joy ever!

Nonviolence is new way of life we all have to learn from good scriptures;
But in reality, only fakes have better chance in the society that believe in
Peace and love for all successes in any field of the world, man works ever
To achieve one's ambition or belief against all odds blocking the path ever!

Tolerance in public and love in private only help to practise love anywhere,
If extremism, violence and terrorism are weapons of the weak to do anything!
But there is no guarantee for success even though tolerance is difficult to use,
When feeling is provoked by extremist acts of the incorrigible persons ever..!

The Living Legend!

Gandhi used Non-Violence and Truth to get freedom for India;
He utilized fasting as Non-Cooperation means against foreigners;
Simple living and high thinking measures made Gandhi a Mahatma!

Mahatma Gandhi is honoured in all the Currencies of India;
Sans village development, Indian economy can't be developed;
For, "India lives in her villages, " said Gandhi long, long ago to all!

Gandhi advised to start new political parties after freedom
For fair democratic development against corruption, casteism
And favouritism not to thrive in all walks of life of the nation ever!

"See not, hear not and speak not Evil things" are symbolized
Through Mahatma's Dolls of Monkey to the people forever;
Now Gandhi smiles from above as he does in all the Currencies!

So, Education without Character, Politics without Principles
And Freedom without Discipline cannot achieve his Dream;
Remembering this, let us honour Mahatma following his ideals!

The Alchemy of Love!

Uniting people of a nation following heterogeneous culture
Indeed is an impossible work possible only by a rare, great
Charismatic leader like Gandhi, who followed the means of
Nonviolence, a form of love to get independence for India!

Love is a kind of alchemy that only can turn even a baser
Metal into gold all are eager to grab if offered in public;
Such a feat only a mahatma like Gandhi can do in the world
Feel many a charismatic leader in the world even today sure!

Even for melting a stone of heart into nectar, a divine
Personality like Buddha or Jesus or Gandhi is needed in the
World as they only have the heart, mind and soul dedicated
And devoted to sway all by love that we all have to learn!

Total dedication and sense of sacrifice to the extent of
Do or die kind of resolution is needed to do great feat of
Common cause to unite and take all people to the route to
Achieve greatest benefit reasonable and justified by love!

The Secret Of Gandhi’s Success!

What is the secret behind the success of Gandhi's
National freedom movement against foreign rule...?
He studied books to get inspiration and courage to
Deal with colossal movement against Imperial power!

Bhagavad Gita gave Gandhi to do duty sans expectation
With non-attached love for all in his great venture;
Emerson inspired him to live a simple life in harmony
With Nature in high thoughts expanding spiritual mood!

Greek philosopher Socrates give the idea of sacrifice
For truth and inspired him to follow do or die method;
Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace inspired him to do his war
Of Non-violence for his great freedom movement sure..!

Gandhi's religious political philosophy inspired and
Guided all people to do or die for national freedom!

Image Is Only A Mask!

Simplicity in thoughts, words and actions shows the
Actual nature of a man different from artificiality;
Artificiality comes of concoction to look to be not
The original but something designed to be better...!

Maintaining the artificial make up long is impossible
As when one is out of one's control, the nature of one's
Character shows one's head in the true colour that makes
All not to believe and consider one's gesture acceptable!

But the mask or image one has built up and maintained long
All believe but not the simple and natural originality of
One's appearance as the image has embedded in the minds of
All in such a way that no one believes one's original status!

Simplicity shows the originality and naturalness of one like
The great leaders such as Gandhi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa;
But there are also leaders like Nehru or MGR or Hitler known
By their images they have created of themselves in the world!

Gandhi The Legendary Peace Leader of the Masses!

As native of Madurai, a Sourashtrian by community I feel proud
That Gandhi selected a dothi and towel as simple dress to himself
To create an image of peace and non-violence since 1921 on…!

With spinning wheel, Gandhi lived a self-reliant simple living life
With high thinking mind as a spiritualist to promote peace, love,
Truth and non-violence to attain freedom and became a Mahatma!

With simple attire, Gandhi became one with the masses comprising
Of poor and common men to unite and participate in the freedom
Movement against British foreign rulers to get independence of India!

Gandhi followed the means of non-violence and tolerance of love to
Poke at the Christian British rulers cherishing The Bible's love as their
Religion paving the way for the independence of India as great example!

The image Gandhi created of himself has made the personification of
Truth, non-violence, love and peace in one and a leader of the masses!

Mahatma Gandhi An Icon of the World!

(An Abecedarian Poetry)

All praise the champion of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi!
Before and after the independence of India is violence still
Causing great havoc and threat to world peace everywhere!
Definitely Mahatma was a miracle man among mankind!

Even now there's no soul as true and honest as Gandhi sure;
Foreign countries praise him and open statues of him ever;
God like such souls are indeed very rare to find in the world;
High in thoughts and simple in living he lived as a lord long!

Icon of Gandhi there is yet none born in this world of man;
Kings and queens of the world loved him as great friend;
Lacking self-confidence so many have sought his model
More than anybody else to imbibe in life to live true life!

No one has yet come to the top of the world to lead all men
Openly to talk all sans any secret and save society from pitfall!
Pure as gold he was noble from the beginning to the end....;
Questions none had to find fault with him being a legend star!

Read he Bhagavad Gita, Quran and Bible to lead spiritual life;
Seldom such a strong statesman one can see then and now sure;
Truth and nonviolence were his weapons to fight against injustice;
Universal brotherhood he followed to live one among world citizens!

Various leaders have come and gone, but none is equal to him ever;
World men wonder such a soul walked on this Earth now in awe;
X man he was sure as there was and is none so to see anywhere.....!

Years of hard toil he had made many fasts to be a mahatma unique;
Zeal of his spirit had not become weak and is still leading the world!
To be Continued 


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